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Turbo Charging Your Sales Network

Biggest psychological bottleneck to expanding sales team in far flung locations is securing efficacy from a remotely located team. When you are away from your teams, you need to be even surer of what is getting done on day to day basis. Economical smart phones equipped with a GPS driven mobility platform are making it possible. Sales Force Automation is no more an option.

Sales Network

For smart marketers and sellers Focus has truly shifted from “Making a remotely located team work” to “Making things work remotely”

Don’t Leave a Store Untouched
If you are sure, your product is going to sell throughout the country, you would rather take control of taking your product to every retail store. And possibly to any part of the world.


Distributor stones fall on only some store
It‘s never enough to appoint distribution partners. A consumer awareness campaign never gets it due return until you touch every retail store and make sure your product is stocked and displayed well when a consumer walks into a store.


Being sure of the last mile is going an extra
Technology has made it possible to ensure remote sales representatives, irrespective of whether they are on your payrolls or distributors’, visiting every stores and maximizing sales. Smart companies have been able to grow their sales team fearlessly in remote areas at a pace that used to make them nervous earlier. Technology ensures the efficacy of the team’s efforts and one can view the field coverage miles away from the headquarter.


Getting the field force connected is like getting closer to the customer
Most wonderful part of getting a remotely located resource be connected and be visible through the entire hierarchy all the way up to headquarter is getting your feet on the street enthused with energy. I am not just talking top-down visibility here. Needless to say it only gets you closer to the customer.

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