What’s the right mobile device size for my field force?

Big may be small. Small may be big. Trust me; you are not looking for either. It’s the right size that you are looking for. Selecting the right device size is a critical success factor for your mobility strategy.

Let’s start with basics – One size does not fit all

If your needs demand two different sizes among two different sets of user groups, take the challenges of supporting two devices rather than purchasing one size. Look closer; and you will realize travelling managers have different needs and feet-on-the street has a different one.


Before you get too confused, let’s take it for granted, it’s not a rocket science. However, narrowing down to the right size involves careful thinking through all the considerations and giving them a score on a scale of 1-10. One of those easy exercises…you know ! But before you do that let’s get another basic out of our way –

Screens are much bigger than they look

Yes. It’s the operating systems like Android and iOS that have made it possible. You will do a great injustice, if you were trying to imagine fitting your current web pages or application screens into a smartphone. Applications designed to function on a handheld device are fundamentally different and in spite of having smaller screen size, are more content rich some times.

Let’s understand this with an example –

Bigger Screens

In this picture width available to tab menu options is not 3 tabs. It’s actually a few tabs. With a simple swipe, you can move from “All

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