SFA Mobile App – Who’s the biggest Enemy

First of all, just a disclaimer, we believe it’s not just about automation, but the world has been calling it SFA (Sales Force Automation) and lets just go with that for the purpose of this article 😊  

SFA, CRM, FFA (field force automation), Field CRM or whatever you call it, is not an easy project to execute. Average success rates are about 60%. Here is our list of top 3 issues that any SFA project runs into –

1) Poor UI and UX

For mobile application to be used by hundreds of remote people, it should require only minimal training. A great User Interface and User Experience should drastically minimize the training requirement. On the contrary lack of it will mean considerable amount of training and retraining effort. Given that these teams are remotely located and go through high churn, it becomes difficult to maintain the level of effort required to keep the initiative running.

(This is just our opinion. Let’s take this 20 seconds poll to understand what you think is the key success criteria <CTA to a TypeForm poll> take Divij’s help to learn setting it up, if you have to)

2) Mindset of Tracking Human Resources

Check your country’s privacy rules. It might be even illegal. Secondly check your company policies and value system. It might be a strict no for your company. Let’s make it easy, take our advice and understand that just having a software to track people is only instant gratification. It leads to no real sales. Instead use a software that uses GPS enabled mobile app to track the retail store visits and more importantly helps your sales team with intelligent cues and insights to increase sales.

3) No internet and low internet capabilities

In most developing economies where field sales force has to through low/no signal zones, it becomes mandatory for SFA mobile apps to have offline capabilities. Trust us, nill data connection is rather easier to handle. It is the low internet that kills the user experience. A carefully designed app uses anticipatory fetches of data, compression, streaming and many other tech elements to ensure a functioning application.

In nut shell your field team and their managers have to find it helpful to their own objectives and has to make everything that they do on the SFA app easier and quicker than earlier.