SFA Mobile App – Who’s the biggest Enemy

Well we hate to call it a SFA or Sales Force Automation software but that’s the most popular lingo that the world seems to have been using. What we have put our heart and soul behind is called BeatRoute- mobile app for last mile retail.

SFA or whatever you call it, we can’t decide who/what is the biggest enemy of SFA solution. We will let you decide, but here is our list of the biggest enemies –

1) Poor UI and UX

For mobile application to be used by hundreds of people, it should require only minimal training. A great User Interface and User Experience should drastically minimize the training requirement. On the contrary given that sales teams, which are remotely located and go through reasonable churn, a poor UI and UX means considerable or impossible training effort.

2) Mindset of Tracking Human Resources

Check your country’s privacy rules. It might be even illegal. Second check your company policies and value system. It might be a strict no for your company. Let’s make it easy, take our advice and understand that just having a software to track people is only instant gratification. It leads to no real sales. Instead use a software that uses GPS enabled mobile app to track the retail store visits and enables your sales team with intelligent cues.

3) No internet and low internet capabilities

In most developing economies where field sales force in consumer packaged industry has to through low/no signal zones, it becomes mandatory for SFA mobile apps to have offline capabilities. Trust us, nill data connection is rather easier to handle. It is the low internet that kills the user experience. A carefully designed app uses anticipatory fetches of data, compression and many other technology elements to ensure a functioning application.

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