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Customer Profiling – Reason no 1 for SFA failure in FMCG Industry

You implemented an SFA. It looked great in first couple of months. But the excitement faded away.
First nobody wanted to use it. Then it became pointless even if they used it. Here are the symptoms
a few months down the line.

Symptoms of Failure

1) You have no clue of the visit adherence because you are not sure of the customer geo-codes
2) Retail coverage data coming from the system is not clear because you are not sure how many
duplicate store data exist in your SFA system
3) Beat Plan adherence does not make any sense because of duplicate customer data
4) Even if you were to combine the data from a DMS part of your system, managers cannot
differentiate between active and dormant stores
5) Any thought of classifying stores and using that for route optimization or channel marketing is

There is one thing common among above symptoms, you are working with ghost customer

Smart Customer Profiling with BeatRoute

One of the reasons BeatRoute delivers transformation for its customers is its focus on Smart
Customer Profiling:

– Smart and Precise Geo-tagging – Once you run BeatRoute for a few beat cycles, all the stores
are automatically geo-coded and their locations are locked from any further change by
BeatRoute AI.
– Duplicacy Control at the Entry- Even if customer addition is allowed offline, no duplicate store
data can enter the system where identify profile parameters have a direct match
– De-dupe Engine – For duplicate stores, which still find their way into the system, our proprietary
algorithm ensures they are flagged as potential duplicates
– Interface design to promote profiling – Our thoughtful UX design ensures constant enrichment
of profile data as day to day operation is conducted.


“BeatRoute App’s interface is refreshingly simple and easy to use. Underlying technology has helped us profile our retailers with high degree of accuracy. We have been able to optimize our service routes with clear business benefits” – Suhail Ghai – CIO, India Region, Pepsico


Would you like a demo of Customer Profiling capability of BeatRoute platform and its intelligence?
Let us know.


varun singh