Adapting Your Field Sales Operations in Corona Times

[Webinar Recording] Adapting Your Field Sales Operations in Corona Times

The spread of the coronavirus disease is clearly a public health emergency, affecting many businesses all across the world. To help businesses mitigate some of the repercussions of this crisis, we organized a live webinar on Adapting Field Sales Operations in Corona Times. You can watch the complete webinar recording below:



The hour-long Webinar covered topics like:

  • How are companies managing as countries have gone into a lockdown?
  • What’s happening now in the middle of the lockdown for essential and non-essential categories?
  • Lockdown was sudden but the rollback is going to be gradual. How are companies planning for that?
  • Reporting is more than important when everyone is working remotely. How are companies enabling their teams to report every day?
  • It’s important to have full visibility of teams as everyone is working remotely, how are companies handling it?
  • And Live Q&As from Industries across the APAC region

Free One-on-One Field Sales Strategy Session for You

This is a critical time for companies like yours to dig your heels deeper and prepare yourself to win the upcoming battles. Why don’t you effectively utilize current time to see what improvements you can make to your sales methodology to solve multiple problems relating to field sales? So that, when this crisis is over, hopefully soon, you can come back stronger than ever before.

We are offering you a 45 mins free one-on-one field sales strategy session. Deliverable from this session will be top 5 problems by impact that you can solve, and step by step guide to solve them, suited specifically to your organization.



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