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How is Visual Merchandising Retail Audit being done in 2022?

Leading companies are leveraging a combination of an intuitive and smart visual merchandising retail audit app with backend AI-assisted automated auditing. This is challenging the old norm of sending a human being exclusively for visual merchandising audits. It further allows them to extend this operation from a few key stores to a much larger landscape. 


Sales Reps and Product Promoters are the New Agents of Maximising Returns from VM Investments

An intuitively designed app that requires just a few minutes extra at the store for a sales rep to simply report the evidence at the retail store is becoming acceptable to most sales leaders. They care about participating in extracting sales from the trademarking investments made by their counterparts as it directly impacts their sales numbers. Product promoters standing at modern stores are adopting this approach at an even faster pace. A combination of this easy gathering of evidence with AI-assisted audits using machine learning trained models is definitely the new norm.



Here is what you should expect from a visual merchandising retail audit app that promises to drive this process for you –  

The Visual and Retail Merchandising App you select, should help in creating relevant campaigns for your target audience and allow to collect the consequent visual feedback  

  • The campaigns you make for the target audience should be in accordance with the category of the store and type of products it sells.
  • The app should help in gathering feedback for specific kinds of VM elements like units, installations, and display.
  • The app should be intuitive and easy enough for your own field team to collect visual data and feedback from stores and markets.


Ensure the app offers you the capability of automatic photo auditing through AI-powered assistance for visual merchandising and display 

  • The App should use AI to assess thousands of images that your team has collected of the VM campaign to know the quality of execution of VM unit, installations, and display. be it on or off-premise. This process can help in minimizing the cost of photo or visual auditing way down to its 1/5th
  • With intuitive elements like machine learning algorithms at hand automating the auditing process of all your VM campaigns will become much easier.
  • You can inform the app of your competitors so that it can further assist in acknowledging and identifying both your and competitor’s products in the store, ensuring you are aware of your competitors and make a decision accordingly.


The app should automate the payment process to the stores as per the display scheme they chose

  • Through an element called Visual Merchandising score your Retail app should calculate the incentives for the store as per the product display
  • The app should also enable payment of incentives directly to the store in order to minimize the extra work of paying out incentives manually.
  • The app you choose should include a loyalty wallet under a loyalty program through which you can redeem reward points


Besides month-end scores, managers should be able to monitor store visual merchandising in real-time to take corrective steps

  • The VM App you are using should allow your territory managers to run and oversee retail merchandising in both markets and stores on the go.
  • You should be able to analyze certain VM elements through trend and pattern report
  • The tool should be able to give you a real-time view of the quality of execution of your marketing and branding campaigns.




A combination of an easy-to-use and robust mobile app to collect Visual Merchandising evidence from the point-of-sales and AI-Assisted grading of images means ensuring returns from visual merchandising activations at a large scale. 

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