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Deep Assets of Consumer Products Industry – Product Promoters

Deep Assets of Consumer Durables Products Industry – Product Promoters

Deep assets of Consumer Durables; because they are out there in the field where action is. Because they influence decisions in a very localized and intimate environment of point of sales.  And lastly because we believe they are unsung Hero in the battlefield.

Let’s look at top 4 reasons why we thought it was so important for BeatRoute to devote a fair mindshare to this role for all our customers across industry in consumer electronics, consumer durables, FMCG in general and cosmetics and apparel and footwear industry in particular –

  1. Advocacy at POS

For products, which require a few questions answered for the consumer, this guy is the difference between you winning or losing across general trade as well as modern trade channel. We saw one of our customer follow a well-crafted strategy of choosing the right retail store in GT channel, incentivizing the store to quickly ramp-up its sales and then deploying a promoter as soon as it becomes viable. Remember! most product in this category have a scannable barcode and it is possible to measure tertiary offtake with 100% accuracy. Calculating ROI is simple arithmetic.

2. Ensuring store Branding

Ensuring store Branding

Brands go to the extent of measuring relative position of deployment of their branding artifacts. Whether they are a poster, a display board inside the store or the glow sign board on the store front. Once the agency has deployed it, it is important to make sure that they continue to function and are placed rightly. Your in-store product promoters or travelling merchandisers are the filed guys who provide you a feedback with evidence that the show is still on for which you pay on monthly basis.

3. Ensuring share of Shelf

At a modern trade store shelf share has direct influence on sales. Not every transaction may require handholding of the consumer, but having a custodian on the shop floor who ensures compliance with display contracts with the store chain is adhered to is crucial. Enablement with right technology means product promoters are continuously able to feed ground level visuals back to the regions and headquarters.

4. Reporting Campaign Activation

Activation efforts are usually outsourced. In spite of incurring significant expenses brand managers are worried about activation status, consistency and return on investment. Product Promoters or Merchandizers are our agents to provide feedback on activation and evidences which can be analyzed at the backend. When we combine this campaign activations with offtake measurements, it becomes possible to calculate ROI on each campaign.

Write to us to know how our technology BeatRoute is helping product promoters at some of the biggest names in consumer electronics and FMCG space

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