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Dyna Drug Corporation MD Praises BeatRoute SFA Software

BeatRoute has received words of praise & encouragement from Dyna Drug Corporation (DDC) Management. DDC is one of the leading distribution companies in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods industry in Philippines. The company effectively covers the whole of Metro Manila through its main branch and the rest of the country through satellite offices and distribution centers located across the map.

Sales Force Automation Software Philippines
DDC has a diverse product portfolio and vast market reach.

They utilize BeatRoute Sales Force Automation Software to manage their sales & distribution operations effectively throughout the country. As a new-age platform, BeatRoute tries to go beyond just automation & digitization, and instead help the companies solve real sales challenges on ground. This focus on business impact became even more important during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is what DDC Managing Director Mr. Gary Lee has stated:

“We will definitely recommend BeatRoute because of its functionality and the impressive assistance from customer support. Our main challenge was monitoring of both customer accounts and performance of the salesmen. BeatRoute was able to provide both for a more dynamic sales team and a more customer-focused organization.

BeatRoute with its impeccable features, helped our business continuously during the height of COVID-19 pandemic. We were challenged by the sudden requirement of District Managers and Salesmen working physically distant. However, BeatRoute provided a GPS based platform so we can continually coordinate despite the distance. Also, service of the team became customer-focused because it provided a venue for performance monitor and capture distribution of areas.”

As an enterprise focused Sales Force Automation Platform, we would continue to enable customers like Dyna Drug Corporation across Asia Pacific to achieve their business goals on ground. You can request a free demo of the platform by visiting our Request A Demo page.