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Track the Retail Stores; Not your Sales Team

Field Force Tracking– 85% of all retail sales in the consumer packaged industry still happens through neighborhood stores in most developing economies including some of the biggest markets like India and China. No wonder brand owners require a sizable team to cover territories and stores to ensure –

1)      Product placements at an increasing number of stores
2)      Consistent stock at stores
3)      Favorable shelf display at Retail stores


Not using technology is like being at a competitive disadvantage, but there’s a thin line between getting into the mindset of tracking your sales force in the field v/s ensuing that above happens effectively.


What not to do –

Don’t treat humans as robots. If you used technology such as GPS to only track people, it is natural for people to not have a great feeling about it. An uninspired sales team can only produce average sales.


What to do –

Focus on keeping a vigil in the market. This means tracking how frequently we are visiting stores and deciding the frequency of visits based on their sales potential. Focus on using the feet on the street to get competitor and market intelligence to fine-tune strategies. If your team believes you are using GPS equipped mobile applications to track the market and improve the ground-level action, they will happily participate.

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