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[FREE EBOOK] 22 Easy Ways To Increase FMCG/CPG Retail Sales

FMCG, CD & CPG industry organizations invest a lot into running their sales operations across General Trade & Modern Trade channels.


Despite implementing the latest technologies & sales practices, they still do not achieve the desired sales from the stores.


BeatRoute is the world’s most trusted CRM SFA for FMCG/CPG Retail Brands. We have written this ebook to educate potential customers about the different ways they can improve the execution & outcome of their field sales operations.


This free E-Book covers 22 extremely easy ways in which industries can increase their sales from general trade as well as modern trade stores.


Here are the 22 ways, one by one:


1. Bring Intelligence to Store Onboarding

On average, 60-70% of stores/accounts do not yield desired sales for brands. That is because they onboard new retailers/accounts based on the intuition of front-line sales reps. Instead, use data-based insights such as geolocation, consumer walk-ins, store capacity, visibility opportunities, competitor presence, category insights, etc to choose stores that would yield the maximum sales for your brand.


2. Run Data-Driven Segmented Engagements

Once you onboard stores based on measurable data points, you can segment them into multiple classes and then run your engagements with them differently. That includes deciding key variables such as visit frequency, sales rep assignment, promotional scheme design & targeting, product range placement, etc based on accurate data-driven store segmentation.


3. Leverage Comprehensive Visibility

Do not rely on a limited data set to understand how well your sales operations are running. If you focus on capturing the number of visits or number of orders, that would only give you insights into the output of the sales operations. Instead, focus on getting comprehensive visibility of leading indicators such as hit ratio of promotion schemes, product ranges in order, new store success rate, etc that lead to the lagging indicators such as sales.


4. Reduce Excel Sheets

Do not waste precious time of your sales reps & managers by asking them to do clerical work in Excel. If you are still using Excel sheets to maintain any data or update activities, you are losing out on the time they could be in the field visiting stores & selling your products. Eliminate excel if you can from your sales team’s operations.


5. Use Intelligent Scheduling

Intelligent scheduling implies that your first formulate visit plans in a way that reduces the travel time for your team while maximizing the face time they have with the retailers. You can use route optimization algorithm to make hyper optimized visit plans which far exceed the efficiency of those made by human resources. Once you have done that, you can further use sales pattern intelligence in real-time to prioritize those visits which will yield the maximum sales output.


6. Use AI for order collection

Some of your sales reps might be able to generate optimum orders during each visit. But most will not be able to do that. If you use an AI-based order maximization algorithm, even your lowest-performing sales reps will know what order they should be able to collect during any visit to a store. Such an algorithm analyzes previous order history, seasonal order pattern & neighborhood buying pattern to suggest an ideal selling basket.


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