Government Subsidies and FMCG Secondary Schemes have Same Problems

Truth is only part of the secondary schemes actually translate into your product reaching the retail shelf. That’s no different from Government subsidies. They both actually suffer from same issues –

• End beneficiaries are unknown in number. For even most organized companies, there is no guarantee on the exact number of stores and duplicate/fake ones.
• For lack of qualitative profile of the end beneficiaries, providers do not know which subsidy will benefit which category of target.
• Waste of considerable money. Only a portion of the benefit actually flows to the intended target

Story is same in any country where share of retail through neighborhood stores is significant. Interestingly in some countries like India, government has made considerable progress through citizen identity programs such as UIDAI (Unique ID for Citizens aka Aadhar No) and Direct Benefit Transfer. Indian Government has saved billions with these programs already.

How we solve it for FMCG Industry –

As a mobile application platform for last mile retail, BeatRoute finds this an issue related with both Planning and Execution. No wonder! Have you seen anything that could not be planned well and executed well, succeed ever? Answer is Never.

Planning Issue – Knowing your Retail Stores

We have built the most robust mechanism to help you profile your retail landscape. We use robust technology to help capture Characteristics data, Geocodes and Identity documents about retail stores. You will never have duplicate stores in your database. We back it up with a thoughtfully designed process of encouragement to continually enrich the store profiles by the same sales reps who cover those stores on their regular beat schedules. Deep tech ensures poor network operation and yet OCR worthy document scans.

Execution Issue – Scheme Engine that does not limit Marketing Creativity

We have created arguably industry’s most robust Secondary Scheme engine. It allows Trade Promotion departments to quickly setup and broadcast secondary schemes with a very flexible rule engine. You are thinking Region, Retailer Class, Retailer Type, Single Order scheme, Cumulative Purchase scheme, Stand-alone schemes, Clubbable schemes, Flat Discount, Slab Discount or almost everything else, we have it covered. You can use our own analytics templates to see what is working and what is not or feel free to use our APIs to pull it into your own Demand Signal systems for further processing.

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