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How Can FMCG Companies Leverage Mobile Sales Force Automation For Boosting Sales

Businesses are now more focused on digitization rather than the traditional ‘pen & paper’ method of selling. Although the FMCG sector has been dependent on traditional sales methods over the years, with a large network of distributors and sales reps, it becomes almost difficult for FMCG companies to manage everything smoothly.


According to a report, high-performing sales teams use nearly 3 times as much sales technology than underperforming teams and are 8 times more likely to be heavy tech adopters than under-performers. 


Mobile Sales Force Automation is one such technology which ensures that the productivity of sales reps is increased. If done right, it also pushes the team towards achieving their goals every month. Mobile Sales Force Automation Software in FMCG allows sales leaders to know their retail market for segment-specific action. It allows sales reps to optimize their visit routes, thus saving their time traveling and allowing them to spend more face-time at each store.


Besides, it also helps in keeping a track of visual merchandising activities in the retail stores and helps in increasing sales through order recommendation. If everything is done in the right way, it eventually pushes the team towards achieving their goals every month. The very few benefits mentioned above clearly show the impact of Sales Force Automation on the FMCG sector.


Let us now see how Mobile Sales Force Automation can assist FMCG companies to boost sales.


1) Digitization on a Single platform:

Mobile Sales Automation allows the digitization of all the processes on a single integrated platform making it convenient for business leaders to implement, modify, and track every sales process. It helps in reducing tedious and time-consuming but imperative tasks connected with sales.


A Mobile Sales Force Automation Software helps in digitizing order processing, route optimization, stock monitoring, sales forecast, gamification, order maximization, and other analytic tasks.


BeatRoute is a leading Mobile Sales Force Automation Platform. With the availability of all the features in a single integrated platform, it serves as a 360-degree solution to your business.


2)Customer/Retailer Profiling for Increased Engagements:

Mobile Sales Force Automation solutions allow FMCG companies to make a detailed profile of each customer while avoiding their duplication at the same time. Mobile SFA also allows a smooth customer information gathering process backed up by a crisp profile enrichment process with proper data hygiene


full kyc aadhaar from app customer documents.


BeatRoute’s unified process of in-field customer information gathering, identity verification through OTP, data hygiene, and auto profile enrichment allows in-depth customer profiling with enhanced engagements. BeatRoute’s single integrated process ensures 100% accurate data even with millions of customers on board. It assists in geo-tagging of the stores automatically in the app.


It also comes up with the offline sync facility through which all the features of BeatRoute’s Mobile Sales Force Automation work perfectly fine even without the internet and get synced as soon as the phone comes into the network area.


3) Route Optimization for Visit Planning:

Route Optimization in Sales Force Automation Software helps in finding the most cost-effective route for the sales reps. Route Optimization software recognizes the best routes with the least distance according to the store location and mapping. This makes sure that the sales rep can visit a maximum number of stores, spending less travel time and more face time with the retailers on a given day. It serves the purpose of scheduling for their visits to the stores.


route optimization software route planning software


BeatRoute’s Route Optimization tool functions while considering factors like Geo-Location of all stores, classification of all stores, and geo-fencing of stores, providing high efficiency in the route optimization process.


BeatRoute’s Route Optimization Software takes account of all the factors and plans the customized route(s) and also lets the sales leaders know the number of sales reps needed to cover the stores based on distance, proximity, and availability.


4) Gamification for increased Employee Engagement:

One Unique feature of Mobile Sales Force Automation is gamification which helps in increased employee engagements and having fun while doing a sales job which is often seen as a boring and task-oriented job. It supports open learning options within a team through leaderboard visibility, wherein a low performing sales rep can do peer-benchmarking with a high performing sales rep to increase performance.


Sales leaders find sales gamification tools very useful as it encourages in building motivational energy around the team, and it also helps Business leaders to complete their defined goals.



BeatRoute’s sales gamification tool allows business Leaders to decide sales KPIs and monitor them through a leaderboard which allows them to reward the best performing sales reps and train the ones who are underperforming. It is an input behaviour-based gamification module and not just output based. Each input behaviour, say upsell, is assigned with some points. A leaderboard displays all the employees with their rankings, thus giving a clear picture of the competition. The system is designed in a way that nudges the team to perform their full set of SOP activities as they get points for every activity performed.


5) Order Maximization for Increased sales:

Order Maximization in mobile sales force automation allows FMCG companies to increase sales through cross-selling, up-selling, schemes, and order recommendations. The order maximization strategy thus plays the role of the final push in increasing sales.


BeatRoute’s Mobile Sales Force Automation assists the sales rep to increase order size by suggesting optimal order based on previous purchasing history of the store, neighborhood buying pattern, seasonal buying pattern, cross-selling and up-selling recommendations.



It promotes different promotional schemes through pinpoint targeting. BeatRoute’s Mobile Sales Force Automation significantly reduces the time taken to record order with the auto-suggestion of SKUs. Order returns and inventory are also maintained to ensure smooth order maximization without any backlogs.


6) Ensure High-Quality Visual Merchandising Execution:

Every business these days is focusing on new visual merchandising techniques to present their products in a way that makes them visually appealing and desirable. Visual Merchandising in retail stores is all about using attractive product & brand displays to attract, engage, and delight the customers.


visual merchandising auditing survey app


FMCG companies plan and execute various visual merchandising campaigns at different retail stores. A typical campaign audit includes sales reps capturing a picture for the purpose of audit and sending it to their area managers. The area managers then analyze those pictures sent by multiple sales reps from multiple stores. This becomes a very ineffective process when taken over a large scale.


BeatRoute’s Visual Merchandising Tool uses some advanced features to drastically improve the efficiency of these visual merchandising campaigns’ audit. It uses AI detection for analyzing the effectiveness of a visual merchandising campaign along with providing a customized feedback form for capturing the audit data. The campaigns are given a score based on the inputs and an automated alert is sent to the area managers in the case of low scores.


7) Data Analytics:

Mobile Sales Force Automation analyses data to reveal sales insights and forecast future performance. It assists with an advanced and custom analytics board to provide insight into the sales numbers and performance of sales reps.


Companies do a lot of analysis with different analytics tools at the headquarter level periodically. The problem with this approach is that the insights derived from such analyses do not reach the ground level managers. Even if the company provides them with dashboard & graphs, they do not have the habit of analyzing them daily and taking the appropriate action. As a result, nothing changes on the ground with respect to the output of the sales team.


To overcome this challenge, BeatRoute’s analytics engine CuesBOT analyses all the data automatically & sends actionable insights to ground level managers. They directly receive the desired information as a notification on their app, instead of going through dashboards or graphs. The CuesBOT gives a complete conclusive analysis that helps business leaders to review and modify the sales model.


It can automatically analyze data over a period of time and can notify sales leaders with some important information. Ex: what percentage of retail stores are underperforming from a particular area, or what products aren’t getting a good number of orders, etc. This makes the job of Sales Leaders simpler and gives the most accurate conclusion through the data received.



Mobile Sales Force Automation Softwareutilizes all the available resources and is able to assist the sales teams at each and every step. The time required by the sales manager to prepare the daily, quarterly, monthly, or annual reports is also reduced considerably, thanks to Mobile Sales Force Automation.


A perfect Mobile Sales Force Automation Software covers all the necessary features and acts as a single platform for all the different activities. BeatRoute’s New Age Tech Platform acts as a 360-degree solution and ensures that the sales of FMCG companies can be increased by a single integrated platform.


If you are an FMCG company, BeatRoute’s Mobile Sales Force Automation Software is an ideal choice for boosting your sales numbers. Click here to book an online demo of the BeatRoute’s new-age tech platform.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is mobile sales force automation important?

Mobile Sales Force Automation helps in order processing, route optimization, stock monitoring, sales forecast, gamification, order maximization, and other analytic tasks in a single integrated platform. It helps in reducing tedious and time-consuming but imperative tasks connected with sales.


How does gamification help in sales?

Gamification of the sales process builds a competitive work culture within a company. It motivates and engages the sales reps to give their best performance, besides it also makes the day to day job of sales reps more engaging and interesting leading to an overall increase in sales of a company.


How does BeatRoute CuesBOT work?

BeatRoute’s CuesBOT captures all the data like sales closures by a particular sales rep, upsell and cross-sell data, store performance data, etc. and gives a conclusive analysis on the data, like which sales rep has closed the least number of deals, which sales rep has more upsell, etc. This makes the job of Area Manager simpler and gives him the most accurate conclusion through the data received.


Which is the best mobile sales force automation software?

There are many Mobile Sales Force Automation softwares in the market, but while selecting the best it is very important to check whether the software allows features like order maximization, visual merchandising, gamification, route optimization, etc. on a single integrated platform. BeatRoute’s 360-degree Mobile Sales Force Automation is an ideal choice as it covers all the features on a single integrated platform.

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