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How to Choose the Best SFA Software

In 2000, Gartner estimated that 80% of sales force automation projects (and SFA software) fail during implementation. Things have improved since then, but most studies put the average adoption to about 60%. It’s a big contemporary problem.

Here are the top 4 ways to improve your chance of successful SFA app implementation

Simplicity and Ease of use

Field force comes in a wide spectrum of skillset. Even the most skilled like in Pharma industry require easy to understand navigation with near-zero training requirements. Neat and clean user interface with the simplest navigation ensures adoption during the first rollout and most importantly when new employees join.

Rodrigo Canillas, Sales Director at Danone has a clear expectation from a sales force automation software. Watch this 3-minute video here.

Robustness in field conditions

Your field force hops from one customer or site to another. Do you really want them waiting for the internet and go through the torture of buffering? They need to be doing their job and not running a tech tool. SFA software that is designed to handle offline transactions and deal with zero or poor network are the ones that are seen as a helpful tool by the field force. Download our 5 point test sheet for testing robustness of an SFA.

Designed to Enable not Track

Tracking is a temptation that many sales managers fall for. When there is no visibility your medicine to the pain is tracking. Truth is; when you will have visibility, you will start looking for real productivity and sales. Take an aim at your real goal in one shot. Field force does not mind if their visits are geo-tagged if the purpose is to help them achieve more. Make a distinction between a tool that is designed to v/s an SFA that is designed to deliver sales transformation.

Gamifying and doing it the right way

Gamification is a great way to engage and motivate your sales teams. People are trying different ways. We believe in subtle gamification instead of virtual contests and games. There is nobody to run these games and if somebody does once in a while, it leads to rescued behavior. What lasts is a system that encourages positive behavior by rewarding it. It’s also an answer to encouraging a sequence of steps at the site by the sales force.

To know more about SFA software and its benefits visit our website or request for demo here.

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