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How to Increase Retail Sales through Display Campaigns?

In the modern era, where the success of a FMCG/CPG business is measured by the growth in retail sales, end consumer is at the heart of any retail centered brand aiming to conquer the market. Since visuals play the most crucial role in a consumer deciding to buy a product, brands make sure that their products look tempting to consumers when they walk into a store which is directly proportional to sales.

Display Campaign is the activity of setting up a collaborative effort of presenting products in  such a way that makes them visually appealing and desirable to the end consumer across a territory, area, particular class of stores to achieve a certain company goal. Commodities like themed gated displays, glass stockade on entry walls of a shop, or recreating a big canned coke bottle for a beverage shop are all examples of Display Campaigns.


Benefits of Display Campaigns in FMCG/CPG Industry:

  • It increases the number of customers noticing and engaging with the brand, thus contributing to the customer base of the company. Moreover, It creates an irreplaceable first impression on the consumer about the product, allowing customer retention by creating an appeal to visit again. 
  • Display Campaigns help in increasing sales, as proper alignment of products, clear pricing, and displays improve the overall experience of the customer with the brand hence increasing sales.

It also increases the value of a product that is otherwise very difficult to sell.

Let us now go through some of the techniques which are used to increase sales through display campaigns:


Focus on Theme Display:

The very first stage where the consumer comes across a variety of solutions to his/her problems and starts comparing between different products. Proper usage of themed displays in display campaigns gives an edge to the business and ends up landing potential customers for the business.

Product Placement:

Using different placement arrangements of the products e.g. vertical or horizontal in display campaigns is visually very aesthetic for a customer and also entices him/her to buy more. Proper placement not only catches eye of the customer but is also very appealing visually. Similarly, proper alignment of  profitable products with a good margin can also lead to increased sales at a store along with brand value for the company.

Digital displays, signage, and analyzing their impact:

While digital displays and signage grab the attention of a consumer in the retail store, it also gives effective announcements making your brand stand out from others leading to on-the-spot buying’s, which increases sales. Although, companies do need proper analysis to identify which display works best for a particular segment or class of stores in a particular area on a set of target customers which makes it very cost-effective.


Usage of Props to increase sales:

Just like a tow assists in moving a hampered car, similarly props help in assisting sales for a company. Using props is ideal to boost the sales of a brand in a retail store. The perfect example of this is using a doctors mannequin to display the medicines in the medicine shop. Props thus give a great finishing edge and a final push to sales in a retail store.


Customizing selves in retail stores:

A newness in display arrangement excites the customers. Customizing shelves according to one’s business theme is an innovative way to attract customers and increase sales. A personal touch of the brand on shelves is a new technique which can lighten up the brands visibility at retail stores. Using different shelves associated with a business theme can surely boost the sales of a company.


Creating Hierarchy Point:

A hierarchy point refers to the way businesses organize and display their merchandise. Each hierarchy level divides similar types of merchandise into progressively smaller categories. Business while developing a hierarchy point in a retail store, should organize products so that it is separate from the other. The goal of a hierarchy point in-display campaign is to organize your merchandise such that your customers can quickly find what they are looking for. Companies can thus ensure their visibility in a retail store through the proper placement of their products.


Using Product Promoters:

Deploying a Product Promoter at POS not only helps increase your sales but also helps you avoid stock-outs, ensure compliance on your display campaigns and get competitor insights. Product promoter acts as a brand representative and resolves all the customer’s queries at a single point of contact. Majority of companies operating in the modern trade channel deploy an in-store product promoter which leads to a huge difference in the final sales conversion because of their face to face interaction with customers.

Display Campaign Management:

Intelligent Targeting of display campaigning:

Display Campaigns are most effective when the right set of stores are selected for campaigns according to their sales potential and not simply based on the manual feedback. It is thus essential that customized campaigns are run according to the territories & store classes for an effective return of investment. Executing a campaign with beautiful usage of displays and signage depending on the sales potential of the retail store can rapidly scale up your business.


Audit Stores for Merchandising Compliance:

For a brand to maximize its success in the market, display campaigns must be closely watched by both the field reps/product promoters along with the company. 

Leading companies are leveraging a combination of intuitive and smart visual merchandising audit applications with AI-assisted automated auditing. This is challenging the old norms of sending an exclusive human resource for display campaign audits. It further allows them to extend this operation from a few key stores to a much larger audience of stores.

A successful business demands a high conversion ratio of its prospects turning into actual customers. Display Campaigns are a great asset to achieve the same, but as a business leader it is equally crucial to have thorough auditing in place for good ROI.


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