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How WhatsApp Can Be Your New Order Booking App

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Wael Safwat a UK global chartered procurement and supply chain fellow, who led and delivered award-winning procurement transformation programs once said “It’s not the organizations that are competing, It’s the supply chains that are competing.”

The supply chains have been facing a lot of heat in the last few months. Although there has been the ease in lockdown restrictions in many countries, few restrictions have not yet been lifted by the respective state governments.

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Due to an increasing number of health concerns due to the pandemic, traditionally implemented methods of physical visits by sales reps have been crumbled. The decrease in the number of physical visits has not only affected the sales orders but also led to a weakened relationship between the companies and their existing retailers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left the business leaders with many unanswered questions. The derailment of the supply chain mechanism has led to the inadequacy of stocks in the Retail, eCommerce, and Supermarket chains. The inadequacy of stocks and the increasing demands of consumers have been hitting the retailers very hard. An Ordering System or a Retailer App is one of the many quick solutions the companies might be looking out for.

To be at the top of the competition game, business leaders must consider new ways to enhance their existing supply chain systems. BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Driven Order Management system can help businesses reach out to many more retailers, even when their sales reps can not physically visit them all.

A report states that more than 80% of retailers across territories use WhatsApp today. Businesses can enable their retailers to place direct orders using WhatsApp automation without having to visit the retailer physically. Brands can similarly push offers, schemes, product information, reminders, etc to them just like retailer app, but here they don’t have to install any additional app either. With Order placing facility on the palm of the retailer, retailers find it ten folds simple and convenient to place the order on WhatsApp in these difficult times.

The whole process by which orders can be taken on BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Driven Order Booking App is as simple as one, two, three… and boom the order is received successfully.

Let’s understand the world’s easiest journey of placing orders step by step!

  • First and foremost the Business is integrated into BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Driven Order Booking App.
  • Your Brand is now visible to the retailer as just another WhatsApp contact.
  • The Retailer now can interact with your brand with a simple “Hi” message whenever he wants to place an order. Retailers can find your brand in the contacts like any other personal contact of theirs.
  • The BeatRoute’s AI-powered WhatsApp Bot now replies with an IVR message giving different options to the retailer, similar to an IVR customer care call where the pre-recorded voice message asks you to dial digits as per your requirement.
  • Out of different options, once the retailer replies with the number designated to place an order, the Bot replies with a link that takes the retailer to the mSite.
  • This mSite is a specially designed webpage that can be accessed on the mobile browser having interface similar to that of BeatRoute’s Retailer App. This mSite displays a proposed order list which the Retailer can edit by either adding or removing specific items.
  • Upon successful selection of order, the Retailer now can place the order on mSite.
  • Once the order is placed successfully, the retailer also gets a detailed receipt with the complete order details.

Benefits of using BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Driven Ordering System as a new order booking App

  • The fast and simple order placing process makes it easy and comfortable for Businesses to collect orders without any hassle.
  • Complete order tracking also available, which can be used by the business to track its order.
  • The concerned distributor is notified with the orders, thus making it easy for them to track their Pipeline of deliverables.
  • Auto receipts generation with complete order details enhances the Retailer user experience and builds the Brand’s trust within the Retailers.
  • Exciting news regarding your Brand’s loyalty programs and schemes on WhatsApp can not only significantly increase the Retailer Engagement but also solve the problem of insufficient field visits by the sales reps.
  • Integrated monitoring on retailers by sales reps is one of the USPs of BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Ordering System for Retailers and can help sales leaders not only to adjust individual targets & SOPs but also to provide your sales reps & managers an easy way to monitor all the retailers in their territory, regardless of the medium deployed.

For example, answers to questions like which retailers have ordered through the BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Ordering System, what is their order history, which retailers have ordered physically, which retailers are not placing orders & need to be visited to fix any problem, etc. can be easily accessed by sales reps on their own app.

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With features like the Order management, Retailer App with WhatApp feature, Sales Monitoring, and Order tracking, BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Driven order management software is nothing less than a blessing in disguise for business leaders. The best part of BeatRoute’s Order Management software is that it has integrated with the World’s most used messaging platform, WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is already being used by Retailers to communicate with their customers and integrating WhatsApp with the brands for getting orders will scale up the order generation process not only in these tough times but also in the future Digital Era.

If you are a brand willing to expand your business to more retailers, then BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Ordering System for Retailers is a perfect solution for business leaders to scale up their brand. With BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Order Booking App, business leaders can ensure that problems related to less frequency of visits to the retailers and market expansion can be easily solved.

As a business leader, if you are looking forward to increasing your market reach rapidly, then you can schedule a free demo of BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Ordering system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the traditional channel of distribution be completely replaced through the WhatsApp Ordering System for Retailers?

While WhatsApp serves as an easy and convenient medium for effective communication and order booking, studies have shown that a combination of technologically driven solutions and traditional field visits gives the best ROIs.

How does BeatRoute’s WhatsApp Ordering system for Retailers help in expanding Business?

There is a sea of Retailers who use WhatsApp. If the Sales rep can tap in those territories where Retailers use WhatsApp but are unaware of these technologically driven solutions, the business can expand in leaps and bounds.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp ordering for FMCG companies?

In today’s technological era, WhatsApp is the most widely used Messaging App used by almost 80% of retailers. It is a vital tool to engage Retailers with your brand. FMCG companies work on the distribution and expansion phenomenon. WhatsApp integration helps FMCG companies expand their reach and also increase their conversion rates.

Can a Retailer be integrated with BeatRoute’s Retailer App and WhatsApp both?

Since both the technologically driven solutions powered by BeatRoute have a common purpose of order collection, Retailers can decide which platform is more convenient for them to place their orders and can go ahead with one of them.

Does the WhatsApp Ordering System increase sales of Companies? If yes, how can the sales leaders identify it?

Yes, it increases the bandwidth of sales reps, and thus the sales also increase. Sales Leaders can easily identify it through our integrated monitoring system.

Let us consider an example, let’s say there’s a sales rep who earlier might have been serving 200 retailers in total but now with the aid of the WhatsApp integration, he might be able to serve 1200 retailers in total. 300 retailers might still need regular visits, while for the rest 900, he has to visit as per need only, maybe once every one or two months. This increases the bandwidth of the sales rep and in turn, increases the sales of the company.

About the Author

Nikhil Chaudhary

Nikhil Chaudhary

Nikhil Chaudhary is a marketing professional with a passion for enterprise SaaS and the role that technology can play in helping businesses succeed. As the head of marketing at BeatRoute, he enjoys sharing his insights and ideas on the subject, particularly in context of the CPG Industry. When he's not working, Nikhil can be found exploring India, trying new beers, and discovering obscure articles on Wikipedia.

About the Author

Nikhil Chaudhary

Nikhil Chaudhary

Nikhil Chaudhary is a marketing professional with a passion for enterprise SaaS and the role that technology can play in helping businesses succeed. As the head of marketing at BeatRoute, he enjoys sharing his insights and ideas on the subject, particularly in context of the CPG Industry. When he's not working, Nikhil can be found exploring India, trying new beers, and discovering obscure articles on Wikipedia.

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