Order Maximization – A game changer

Maximising orders by retailers is critical to any sales driven business, especially for FMCG and Consumer Durable product companies. This lever worked on effectively with the sales team, can have a major impact on the top line of the  FMCG and Consumer Durable product companies. 

However, this isn’t a cakewalk – as anyone who’s been in sales knows – and the challenge only multiplies when trying to drive this across an entire field sales team. Just a few challenges and pitfalls can drastically hamper order maximisation efforts and sales.

A key aspect that can hinder a sales rep is visibility of current stocks at the retailers – limiting their ability to sell the right products to them. To make things worse – some outlets don’t stock certain products, which sell well in the same neighborhood from other outlets.

Another key hurdle is the sales reps not knowing all the sales schemes and incentives being given to retailers. Data suggests, that 50% of times, the sales schemes are not communicated by sales reps or suffer a Chinese whisper syndrome and are dramatically twisted as they pass on from the headquarters to field force and then finally to the retailers. Further making things harder – the absence of any actionable insights hinders the upsell and cross-sell prompts, in more ways than one.

With BeatRoute, we’ve built a solution that helps you tackle all of the aforementioned challenges, and more – enabling you to empower your sales reps to go the full nine yards to maximize each order at each retailer.
How, you ask? Here’s how: BeatRoute does this through two key pillars:

  • A Scheme Engine, with Up-sell and Cross-sell, prompts
    • Set Up – BeatRoute makes it easier through a flexible scheme setup interface, which covers various different types of schemes.
    • Targeting – A product will never fail to reach where it is actually needed, with a special focus on the region and customer class/ type.
    • Auto Application for Sales Reps through the App – Schemes are auto-applied on all orders, on the app the Field Sales Team. This helps the reps more actively cross-sell and up-sell prompts.
    • Works Offline – To have a complete functionality and productivity regardless of network and connectivity issues.
  • A Recommendation Engine
    • Order Suggestion – BeatRoute helps your sales reps by having a  strong backend proprietary algorithm to predict and suggest orders to them
    • Proprietary Algorithm – That factors in various parameters including outlet history and neighborhood buying patterns, to drive more insightful recommendations.
    • API – For enterprise customers to embed their own AI system output

Seems pretty astounding for a single app to be helping with all this – doesn’t it?

But with BeatRoute, you get all of this – and much more. In addition to helping you maximize your orders, BeatRoute can help your visual merchandising campaigns and is a One Stop Solution to all BFSI Woes and FMCG. 

Packaged up with all of these features and more – BeatRoute can make a major impact on the productivity of your sales team. Now, nothing should possibly stop you from collaborating with us.

You could leave your details with us here, or write to us at and we’ll get back to you and get you live within 3 weeks.

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