Mobile App for Visual Merchandizing

Just to get the definition out of our way – “Visual Merchandizing” is about organizing your product display at the retail store shelf to ensure maximum visibility to shoppers.

Whether at small stores in General Trade Channel or large stores of Modern Trade Channel, companies adopt tactics and negotiations to achieve most favorable display facings. While all the knowledge exists it’s been a wild good chase for managers in FMCG and Consumer durables industry to deal with following issues –

Difficult to enforce display contracts

In a highly scattered, busy, dynamic and competitive environment of retail activity, it has been difficult to enforce the display contracts between the manufacturer and the retailer. In periodic visits manufacturers usually find displays are not they were supposed to be.

Securing Visibility matching with the market share

We believe every brand owner deserves at least as much display space as the market share compared to its competitors. In a highly scattered environment and for lack of a tool, it has been impossible receiving information about display space that the competing brands are getting.

Adopting Visual Merchandizing Discipline

Being able to practice a discipline of periodically going to various stores as per a pre-defined plan to ensure appropriate visual merchandising has been almost an impossible tasks. WhatsApp pictures coming from hundreds of stores does not lead to any organized course correction and actionable visibility into lack of discipline.

BeatRoute uses pictures and an innovative mechanism of visit planning and reporting display facings from the store to ensure managers are in control of displays at thousands of stores distributed across a vast geography.

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