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How AI-Assisted Order Taking App for Salesman Boosts Return from Store Visits

One of the key elements of an effective field sales strategy is the return value gained on repeat visits. The job of your sales rep is a difficult one involving hopping from one retailer to another, trying to maximize the order value. New products, new schemes, and insight from all the data captured are never available to him in an actionable way. For this very purpose, a sales force automation platform having an intelligent yet simple order taking app for salesman will assist in standardizing and maximizing the sales performance. To make the repeat order process a breeze ensure your chosen app consists of a robust recommendation engine with AI-Assistance.



This engine will help you and your field sales team in the following ways         

It will aid in selling all categories of products and not just the hot-selling ones.

  • AI-powered recommendation engine will be able to analyze the data pattern of products and its different categories that have been sold in the store and also in surrounding territories. It will help the sales reps to know what kind of products they can push to sell through the retailers.
  • The powerful data suggestion aspect of your app will be able to assist field reps with different kinds of cross-selling and up-selling schemes that can be recommended to retailers.
  • Smart analysis of the past selling history in and around the territory ensures your field team has the knowledge of what products and categories they can push to keep in the store through schemes and other variables.


The order taking app for salesman will help in recommending competent promotional schemes to garner a maximum return value

  • Trade promotion schemes are most beneficial when the retailer is placing the order to your sales reps and not just after the order is delivered. With order entry software at hand, your sales reps will be able to view all the schemes available and offer the retailer to choose one from.
  • Another benefit of having a predictive scheme suggestion engine is that sales reps who are still fine-tuning the skills of selling more and more products will be able to do focus more on selling than compiling and applying schemes with the order so as to benefit the customer.
  • With a recommendation engine facility, sales reps can view different kinds of scheme bundles designed as per the selling pattern in the store and surrounding territories. The suggestions are moreover, made as per the volume of products, different range, and clearance. 
  • App with auto-application of schemes makes it easier to run a variety of schemes without worrying about communication gaps


Recommendation engine powered by AI technology ensures that the salesman offers the stock in a quantity that will help avoid returns and outages  

  • The AI-assistance will help in suggesting the stock as per the changing buying patterns of retailers’ customers, as the sale of soft drinks will rise in summer and fall in winters, selling the same amount of stock in both seasons is not an effective practice.
  • The sales representative app you are using will also help in ensuring the stock which is approaching expiry date will be sold out first. In slow-moving products, the stock being thrown away due to expiry is very possible. Thus, the recommendation engine will first order out stock which is nearing expiry date.
  • All the changes made by sales reps in the stock range for any product with retailers stay in the records and future recommendations will be made keeping in account the required changes.


Suggestion option with AI-powered order taking app for salesman will help to focus more on selling products instead of proposing orders  

  • Different bundles of SKUs suggested by the order entering software to your field reps reduce the time they might have taken to create an intuitive bundle for the retailers.
  • The app will also offer effective trade schemes which will both cross-sell between product categories and up-sell with a larger quantity of stock. It will also apply automatically at the time of check-out ensuring sales reps do not have to manually add it to the order.
  • You can add all the details regarding the new and existing products to the application. This ensures the sales reps has required information about the new stock as well to sell it to the retailers.




In the fast pace B2B sales environment of industries like CPG/FMCG, field reps have to deal with multiple micro-customers every day. Their challenge is to minimize the face time with retailers and maximize the order value. While repeat visits generate a considerable amount of historical data, traditionally there has not been a way of putting this data into action. With the power of artificial intelligence, it has become possible to put this data insight into use. Combining this with a thoughtful UX in the Order taking app can make it easy for every sales rep to get optimal sales from every store visit.

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