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Product Promoter App for Attendance & Maximizing Sales

Irrespective of whether you call them product promoters, in-shop demonstrators, In-shop promoters, beauty advisors or simply sales girls or boys. The reason you deploy them is, you feel a human interaction with a prospective buyer could close the sales in your favor. If you do make the investment, there are ways to meeting your objectives and getting your ROI. Enabling them with a holistic product promoter app could go a long way in this endeavor.  Ensuring presence is a starting point. Ensuring the desired sales process at the store does the rest.



We are listing some essential capabilities your tool should consist of – 

It should help you with the attendance of your promoters to ensure their presence in-store when prospective customers walk in.

  • The app you use should have the ability to GPS tag the attendance of your promoter. This will help you to know where the promoter is at the time of attendance.
  • Your product promoter app should have tools like selfie and face recognition. It will help to ensure the appropriate kind of grooming of your field team and attendance in the store.
  • The product promoter app should allow your field team’s manager to easily track the promoter’s absence in the store through leave application tools in the app. Additionally, notifying the manager of the same information via messages or texts makes the process swifter.


It should enable you to collect data directly from the store to maximize return on the investments for  virtual merchandising

  • The app should help in setting up retail merchandising for your products and also have a standard framework ready for feedback on VM
  • You should be able to set up campaigns on the basis of store category ensuring you are targetting the right kind of customers.
  • Moreover, the app should be able to capture high-quality pictures of the retail merchandising. It acts as the evidence of the VM work done in the field


Your product promoter app should include learning and demonstration tool. The promoters will gain standard information about the product and learn how to communicate important elements to customers 

  • It should allow you to upload training content in multiple formats including videos and images. It also assists product promoters to know more about the products
  • You should be able to differentiate the content on the basis of the store location and role of the promoter
  • Content in different formats like videos and images are secure and safe to be used by all promoters
  • Lastly, your app should allow promoters to download the content material to allow them to view the learning material even offline.


Sales reports regarding products out of stock and still in stock at the end of a time period will help in generating a sales order in-tune of the buying pattern

  • Your promoter should be able to report any product out of stock instantly to you without requiring to put in customer details.
  • The product promoter app should allow scanning the barcode of products to gain significant knowledge about it.
  • Your chosen app should be able to integrate with your backend database. This further helps to ensure the authenticity of the stock offtake reports


The app should automatically send out alerts to managers in case of stock-out so that you can replenish stock instantly

  • A comprehensive report regarding the stock-out should be generated by the app
  • Subsequently, it should also shoot text immediately to supervisors and managers about the out of stock product
  • Lastly, having a complete analysis and comparison of the current stock level with that of how much stock is generally provided to the store. This will help to understand why there is stock-outage.




Investing in deploying in-store product promoters without enabling them with the right tool is setting yourself up for really abysmal levels of returns. Just setting up the incentive structure has never lead to sales. A tool helps in meeting some core objectives of this deployment. It is for both, a set standard of communication with customers or ensuring availability and visibility at the store. 

To know more as to how it can add to your promoter’s capabilities you can visit website or try a free demo here 

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