Route Optimization Needs “This” to Significantly Increase Sales



Without “it”, complementing the process of Route Optimization and beat planning, your field team will

  • Ends-up meeting fewer customers
  • End up meeting wrong customers
  • End up having no visibility of sales reps needed
  • Spend more time on the road traveling

With ‘it’, included in beat planning will:

  • Help you Allocate the right capacity of resources.
  • Help be operationally efficient, you want to save on travel time and have more facetime with customers.


Detailed and Accurate Customer Data

This is “It”,  Detailed and accurate customer data should be included in Beat Planning, to get optimized routes from the route planning software.

You need to know your customers well before planning visit routes. Know who is suitable for you. You don’t want a customer on your list who is not giving you business anymore, who is not suitable for your product being part of the beat plan. You would need to know their potential because the potential is what defines whether you want to visit them every week or every other week. Lastly, you want to know where they are exactly because that is when you will be able to optimize the travel time with them.

Customer data management platforms and Route optimization software should be integrated for intelligent Beat Planning.

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