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Top 6 Capabilities of Sales Force Automation for Consumer Durable Field Sales Growth

What is Sales Force Automation for Consumer Durable?

Sales Force Automation software or FFA allows you to automate most of your field sales processes. This ensures your sales team is focusing more on field sales than backend tasks. Sales Force Automation for Consumer Durable industries will generally include sales force tracking, order processing, visual merchandising, stock monitoring, and different analytic tasks. Many businesses, however, are wary of going forward with a sales force automation tool. They are not very confident that implementing an SFA or Field CRM is worth the money or effort. While locking down on any one FFA tool you, thus, will have many questions. Some of which we have tried to answer below.       

Choose a Cutting Edge Field Force platform with Dealer Engagement to turbo-charge your business

SFA or Field Force tools should offer a comprehensive system to target both channel marketing and field sales. It should be capable of aiding you in planning the route-to-market strategies with your distributors, retailers, and dealers under one platform. You should ensure the SFA tool you choose enhances your experience in communicating with dealers and provide numerous capabilities including – 

1. By Making each market visit more efficient  

For the field sales growth you need to make each visit count. It can be done by helping you program meetings with dealers and distributors more efficient and structured.

  • Your frontline managers and sales reps will be able to track dealers and distributors with the sales force tracking capability
  • The tool should be able to search and identify dealers which have the potential to join you and schedule visits accordingly
  • ScoreCards help to keep track of visit targets of your Sales Reps. To complete the target your field sales team will drive to meet more and more potential dealers and distributors
  • Your FFA tool should help in planning out lead management deals with institutional customers like hotels, airports or railways, etc. They are not part of your regular dealers but are a large part of overall sales of the company

2. By running VM in-store Audits through your team

Sales Force Automation should be able to oversee the visual merchandising in-store inducing offtake as a result.

Simple enough for your own team to collect Visual Merchandising data from their stores or use visual merchandising audit checklist easily

  • It should offer details on the stock range available with the dealers. It should also inform on any deviation in product number due to sales
  • With so much data that you would collect from your sales territories, you would certainly need an AI to process and audit the responses to formulate a qualitative analysis.

3. By improving your secondary sales 

Sales Force tool should help you to improve your secondary sales by recommending orders to the front line through DMS

  • Your sales force automation for consumer durable should help to get consistent and stable sales performance by using AI to assist your sales reps.
  • It should assist your sales rep in choosing the right product & schemes in the right quantity. Furthermore, it is preferable to let AI identify the pattern of orders, stock and market conditions.
  • Ensure it works even in the poor network area, to ensure connectivity doesn’t impact the order taking process.

4. By product promoter enablement

Stationing Product Promoter in-store and tracking their presence can help in maximizing your return from footfall conversion.

  • GPS and selfie attendance features in your SFA mobile app will make sure your promoter is present in-store every day.
  • You should get real-time visibility of offtakes from your stores  
  • The stock report will help to keep track of how much stock is available in the store, how much the promoter is able to sell and how new schemes are working
  • It should allow you to upload multimedia content like videos and images that will showcase the product’s working in more detail
  • Your field sales team should be able to provide pictorial evidence of any issue. Moreover, ensure they get to track the same till an appropriate resolution is in place.

5. By running Loyalty Programs for your dealers 

Your Sales Force tool should let you run next level of Loyalty Programs created especially for your dealers.

  • It should allow you to integrate the dealer’s list on the software/app. This will keep them in the loop of any new scheme or current ones still working.
  • Once the dealers are able to provide authentic validation of all the orders they have sold, they should be accorded with loyalty points instantly
  • Having a wallet for loyalty rewards or points will help to track the number of points easily and also ease the process of redeeming them.

6. By pinpointed upskilling of field team 

It should be able to deliver self-learning multimedia content to your field team to help them upskill themselves. Believe it or not, Sales Force Automation for Consumer Durable can make a difference in this area.

  • Learning and demonstration feature in SFA tool allows you to present your team with specific content. It can be as per their role and the dealer profile as well.
  • By uploading demonstrative videos that can be downloaded, your field sales team will be able to show a demonstration of the product even in no-network or offline mode.
  • It should help your team from their day 1 of joining. It lets you enhance and automate the process of onboarding them, and continuously training them with self-learning content.
  • You should be able to track the kinds of topics and how often your field team is using the uploaded content. The tool helps to learn new skills and product features.
  • It should let you share a single repository of all your marketing collaterals among your team. This will, thus, enhance and keep their product knowledge up to date.


Customers are considered to be the cornerstone of any organization. The sales force automation is what allows you to acquire new customers and generate more business from your existing customers.  Thus for abbreviating the sales cycle for facilitating increased sales and higher productivity it is imperative for you to implement an SFA tool. 

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