Sales force automation

Sales Force Automation Software for New-age

Traditionally Sales Force Automation software refers to automation of all the business tasks such as customer contact management, order taking, stock reporting, order tracking etc.

BeatRoute is a new-age Sales Force Automation software platform that uses modern technology to open up new possibilities for any field sales force particularly in FMCG and Consumer Durable industry. In fact a better phrase for what BeatRoute delivers is Last Mile Retail Coverage”.

Expect following from this innovative platform –


Intelligent Field Force

BeatRoute offers contextual intelligence to sales personnel in the field in while performing business tasks on the mobile application enabling him to take smarter actions.


Benefits of automation at unmatched levels

Using modern technology we not only handle traditional Sales Force Automation needs of capturing transactions but also enable processes that were not touched so far. E.g. our software helps companies ensure Shelf Display facings that are proportional to their market share and the money that they are willing to spend to secure displays.


Collaborative Sales Force

BeatRoute innovatively uses technology and business process context convert a highly scattered workforce into a highly connected and collaborative one. While one individual performs his tasks, system automatically conveys the derived actionables to others in real time.

Write to us to know more about how BeatRoute facilitates effective deployment of secondary trade promotions in collaboration with Distributor network.

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