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Sales Force Automation For Indonesia

Sales Force Automation is the need of every FMCG/CPG company in Indonesia. Sales Force Automation is a process in which parts of the sales process are automated by software tools. Automation focuses on the administrative and monotonous tasks which are important but at the same time are time-consuming for the sales reps. According to a report, on average a sales rep spends only 37% of the time on revenue-generating tasks. 

Sales Force automation ensures that the productivity of sales reps is increased by efficient management of business operations such as sales funnel management, sales forecasting techniques, customer profiling, sales lead tracking system, sales team performance assessment, account management, order taking process, and visual merchandising auditing.

Let us take a tour through typical use cases where sales force automation helps the Indonesian Companies in increasing their sales productivity:

Digitization of Field Sales Process:

It is difficult for the company in Indonesia to ensure that front-line workers are following the same standards of compliance and operational execution regardless of their location. Digitization of field sales helps to gather service information in real-time using communication, technology, typically handheld PDAs, wireless devices, or mobile phones.

SFA software

BeatRoute’s Sales Force Automation Software helps in order processing, route optimization, stock monitoring, sales forecast, and other analytic tasks. BeatRoute’s Sales Force Automation Software for FMCG helps in reducing tedious and time-consuming but imperative tasks connected with sales. This not only allows sales reps to work on the activity they are best at – Field Sales but also increases the sales and the productivity of the company.

Beat/Visit Planning:

With hundreds of customers on board, a business leader in Indonesia needs to plan the visits of sales reps to different retailers on a continuous basis to ensure that the order taking process is continuous.

route optimization software route planning software

BeatRoute’s Beat Planning Algorithm ensures having a proper beat plan with proper scheduling of sales visits for sales reps according to their defined territory to ensure maximum productivity of sales reps.

Customer/Retailer Profiling for Increased Engagements:

A business leader who wants to increase the customer engagements might have to initiate a smooth customer information gathering process backed up by a crisp profile enrichment process with proper data hygiene.

BeatRoute’s unified process of in-field customer information gathering, identity verification through OTP, data hygiene, and auto profile enrichment allows proper customer profiling with enhanced engagements. BeatRoute’s integrated process ensures 100% accurate data even with millions of customers on board.

Order Maximization for Increased Revenue:

Imagine a business leader in Indonesia wanting to increase his revenue by 10 folds for the upcoming year. He might have to enhance the order taking process so that the overall sales funnel is increased. To achieve increased sales he might have to increase the range of products he can sell. He might also have to focus on increased returns on the trade schemes that got implemented.

BeatRoute’s AI-assisted order taking software assists the maximum collection of orders by creating a suggested order basket that takes into account the store’s previous purchasing pattern, neighborhood buying pattern, seasonal patterns & incorporating cross-selling and up-selling recommendations.

It promotes loyalty schemes, clearance schemes, and upselling schemes through pinpoint targeting. BeatRoute’s AI-assisted order taking software significantly reduces the time taken to record orders with the auto-suggestion of SKUs. Order returns and inventory are also maintained to ensure smooth order maximization without any backlogs.

Digital Bridge to fill the communication Gap:

With a large number of retailers in Indonesia, a communication gap essentially means less engagement between the business and the retailers and hence it affects the sales of a company. Even if field visits are reduced, an optimal communication channel does wonders for a business.

BeatRoute’s digital bridge serves the purpose of optimal communication. With the use of platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, and Android App; companies can directly collect orders from retailers. BeatRoute’s Retailer app with WhatsApp ordering system helps in increasing the relationship with the retailers through schemes, promotional offers, and loyalty programs which leads to the creation of a healthy sales funnel.

Store Onboarding to Increase Sales Productivity:

Imagine a business leader in Indonesia wanting to increase the productivity of its sales team by 30% in the next quarter. He must then start focusing on the field tracking of the sales rep along with the efficient management of the lead matrix. A store onboarding and objection handling training are some steps to increase sales productivity. These steps will make sure that the sales productivity of his company is increased by 30% and beyond.

BeatRoute’s Store Onboarding module offers a unique combination of usual store onboarding management with detailed profile information & field visit tracking. By profiling the stores with relevant data points, the organizations can ensure that they add only those stores which will give them desired revenue. It also records custom transactions such as consent and feedback with campaign forms. KYC with document scanning and validation backed with easy order placing and payment collection increases the overall productivity of the business.

Visual Merchandising in Retail Stores to Boost sales:

A business leader in Indonesia willing to increase sales at the retail stores should start initiating visual merchandising campaigns. These campaigns can be implemented with the use of digital displays, signage, attractive theme display, proper placement of products. This can have a positive and significant effect on impulse buying by customers, which in turn boosts sales of a business.

Business leaders also need to focus on auditing the visual merchandising campaigns that they use so as to receives maximum returns on their investments.

Sales Promoter, In-store Promoter, Retail Merchandising InvestmentBeatRoute’s AI-assisted auditing app helps in designing relevant campaigns for your target audience. Along with capturing data-driven feedback with the help of a feedback form, it also allows automatic photo auditing through AI-powered assistance for visual merchandising and display. It also assists in real-time monitoring of visual merchandising campaigns running at the stores and helps in correcting them.

Enabling Product Promoters to Maximize returns:

While sales at retail stores hold a major chunk in Indonesia, In-store product promoters help in increasing the conversions of walk-in customers by en-lighting them with the new products, offers, and schemes. This ensures increased sales and conversion through impulse buying decisions of the customer.App for Promoter, Attendance Tracking

BeatRoute’s Product Promoter Mobile App helps you run product promoter programs with in-store promoters to ensure execution of the sales process that maximizes returns.  It helps to track sales promoters’ presence with GPS tagged attendance. It also assists in Standardizing communication by product promoters with mobile learning and demonstration by multimedia training for in-store promoters.

Sales Force Automation is the need of the hour for business leaders to automate and standardize their sales process and ensure that their revenue targets are met through the maximum productivity of the sales reps.

BeatRoute’s Sales Force Automation has everything to become your go-to sales force automation partner for your business in Indonesia. Click here to book an online demo!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does BeatRoute’s Sales Force Automation Software help in increasing sales for FMCG business in Indonesia?

BeatRoute’s Sales Force automation Software allows maximum productivity of sales reps through increased focus on the sales funnel rather than the administrative tasks. It helps in order taking, increased customer satisfaction, timely information of sales, sales forecast, and efficient utilization of resources.

How does BeatRoute help in the order taking process for an FMCG company?

BeatRoute’s AI-assisted order taking process ensures order maximization by suggesting relevant orders. It reduces the order taking time significantly through auto recommendations. It also assists in pinpoint targeting of various schemes and offers of an FMCG/CPG company. 

How does BeatRoute help in Store Onboarding through its platform?

BeatRoute offers a unique combination of store onboarding module with field visit tracking. BeatRoute’s Store Onboarding Module ensures automatic passage of leads, objection handling, customer feedback through feedback forms, and KYC validation through proper scanning.

How do Store Promoters benefit the business in Indonesia?

In-store product promoters help in increasing the conversions of walk-in customers by promoting the new products, schemes, and offers in personal conversations with the customers. It impacts the impulse buying decisions and increases the on-spot sales for business at the retail stores.

How can visual merchandising help in increasing sales for FMCG and consumer product goods?

The pattern in which a product is displayed has a huge influence decision-making process of the customer and hence on the final purchase. By displaying products in ways that are appealing, convenient, and attractive; FMCG/CPG companies can increase sales at retail stores and also improve their profits.

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