Sales Force Automation for FMCG Industries

How Sales Force Automation for FMCG Industries Assists in Growing Business?

What is Sales Force Automation for FMCG?

Sales Force Automation or SFA refers to a tool or software which is used by the field sales team to automate its field sales process. It generally includes tasks like order processing, route optimization, stock monitoring, sales forecast, and other analytic tasks. Sales force automation for FMCG helps in reducing tedious and time-consuming but imperative tasks connected with sales. This, moreover, allows sales reps and execs to work on the activity they are best at – Field Sales. 



Grow and Prosper your Business with New Age SFA Capabilities

A new age SFA allows you to quickly deploy customizable workflows in accordance with your particular FMCG needs. However, it is important to keep the combination of user experience and capabilities as simple as possible.  

In this age of constant development, ensure your chosen SFA is capable enough to:


Know your retail market for segment-specific action

  • Each  visit to the customer should add new information to their profile
  • Such a tool should automatically capture geo-location of your stores, helping you in optimizing your coverage strategy 
  • Use your customer segments to run targeted schemes, beat plans, and make appropriate VM display investment.
  • It should help you run all mobile, yet fast and safe KYC through authentic identity verification

Increase time spent per store, and not on traveling by using territory and route optimization 

  • SFA optimizes beat plans with intelligent algorithms
  • It includes store profiling data and resource skills of the store while preparing routes
  • The software helps you to access the possibility of new territory, along with estimates of prospective travel costs.

Your SFA tool should help you to improve your secondary sales by recommending orders to the front line.

  • Get consistent and stable sales performance by using some kind of AI to assist your sales reps.
  • It should assist your sales rep in choosing the right product & schemes in the right quantity. Accordingly, this can be done by letting AI identify the pattern of orders, stock and market conditions.
  • Ensure it works even in the poor network area, to ensure connectivity doesn’t impact the order taking process.     
  • It should be a comprehensive software which, furthermore, lets you run start to end route-to-market strategy

It helps you to keep track of Visual Merchandising in store for inducing offtake

  • Get better insight into how your product display, campaigns, and installations are performing
  • Ensure the SFA is simple enough for your own team to collect Visual Merchandising data from their stores
  • Lastly, let AI process all the collected data, to automate and assist the auditing process


Some Additional Benefits of Sales Force Automation for FMCG 

  • It offers intuitive support to your area managers to monitor their territory activities successfully.
    • SFA would provide a complete view of all the activities performed by the team and access to ScoreCards ensuring awareness about the KPIs met by your sales reps.
    • Moreover, they also nudge you with intelligent alerts making way for smart field force automation.
  • Product promoters are able to gain better returns from store promotion.
    • GPS and selfie attendance features in your SFA mobile app will make sure your promoter is present in-store every day.
    • Stock reports as an additional capability will help to keep track of stock. It will inform how much stock is available in the store, how much the promoter is able to sell and lastly, how new schemes are working.
  • SFA apps offering in-built DMS assist sales reps with more efficient route optimization.
    • There are many SFA which offer the option of in-built DMS that can aid the distributors with inventory, schemes, invoicing, and claims.
    • Furthermore, you can also integrate your DMS through efficient APIs and transfer the required data. 
    • Hence, your distributors will become more efficient with delivery route optimization. 



Thus, we can conclude by saying Sales Force Automation prioritizes action as one of the main tools for enhancing sales performance. Both small and medium-sized businesses, furthermore, get subdued in buying an FFA tool due to its monthly costs. However, they should also pay equal attention to the stats showing efficient SFA strategies results in effective sales performances which in a short time covers the higher costs. 

BeatRoute is a new-age Field Force CRM platform that delivers holistic Sales Force Automation that covers the basics of operational efficiency of market coverage operations. It uses intelligence to maximize transaction value and gamification for an inspired performance from the entire team.

From Visual Merchandising, route optimization, customer profiling, product promotor, and lead management, BeatRoute acts as the perfect platform. It, moreover, offers a transformative roadmap of field-force-lead route-to-market operations in the FMCG industry. For more information, you can visit the website on – or request a demo by clicking here.

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