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Sales Force Tracking App: Go Beyond Monitoring Your Sales Reps

The sales manpower working on the ground for your products are your sales force team or field force or in common words sales reps. The first criterion on their job description itself is travel flexibility for visits in a given territory. In this type of remotely functioning work, it becomes difficult for companies to know their adherence to store visits and other activities.

This has been a challenging aspect for any FMCG company. Hence, sales force tracking app grew in demand. Therefore, companies started using sales force tracking apps either homegrown or non-native. Even though the idea of tracking the sales reps worked well for knowing whether the rep is at work or not. Yet there are crucial business challenges that were not resolved.

How do most sales force tracking apps work?

Most of the sales force tracking apps only focused on sales force tracking of sales team. The features revolve around live tracking, GPS location, journey plotting, and attendance. In other words, the company can know where the salesperson is? Is he on the field or not?

The problem with this onerous approach is that it fosters a lack of trust. It is like putting your employees under surveillance. And excessive monitoring leads to weakened morale, reduced trust in management, lack of respect, and poor relationship between the sales reps and companies.

Having said that, tracking the reps to the right degree gives better visibility of the workforce on which you are spending. It helps the company achieve discipline on the ground and know sales pipeline especially in horeca segment. But think for a moment! Even when your sales force is punctual and active on the ground how can it ensure that they are pushing your sales too? Are they motivated to upsell or cross-sell? Is a sales force tracking app enough to achieve your goals on every sales?

It’s about Sales Tracking not just Sales Force Tracking

Physical discipline is surely important. But once physical discipline is achieved it begs a question, how do you increase sales? Sales tracking app tracks the sales team and helps to solve the journey plan adherence. But there is more to what a sales app can do.

A holistic approach means solving the following problems-

1. Discipline of Large Scale Field Execution

Discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do when you should do. The enterprise or large FMCG companies have a wide web of sales teams working on the ground. Sales reps directly visit the retailers or dealers to take orders, display new products and check on the stock. These sales members may vary from 30 to 500 and beyond. As the number grows the scale of field execution also gets complicated and low on visibility. Sales force tracking app allows the managers to view the activities of each sales rep and hence execute the beat schedule plan efficiently. Therefore we can agree to Jim Rohn when he says “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”.

2. Sales Force Tracking for Output Performance

Output is the objective and it is important to cleanly measure the output. Whether you want to increase overall sales per person or sales for your flagship products you can create a scorecard based on your goals. This will allow the sales force tracking app to push your sales through sales reps. The sales data helps in analyzing the performance of each sales member. Also, the sales manager can track the output performance in each territory and can take the actions required. As Teala Wilson says ” To be effective and yield results for your business, performance tracking and management is crucial.

3. Field Force Tracking for Input Performance

Good sales tracking also means tracking input performance. Input is what leads to output in sales. Focusing on the process of improving inputs is a guaranteed way of achieving the desired output. It is important to know what input KPIs are important for you like the range of the products or ticket size of distribution of certain SKUs. When you have listed the KPIs, you can apply them to the entire sales team. The sales reps using our mobile sale app or you can call it the sales force tracking app will be updated with KPIs listed for them.

4. Tracking Performance of Customers

Sales force tracking app is really just a cliched term and it’s a complete injustice to real sales impact unless it is understood and seen in the right light. It is just as effective to track the performance of the sales team as it is to track the performance of customers. Particularly in consumer goods or FMCG sales where one is dealing with a large no of micro accounts such as retail outlets, it is important to have a very effective method of tracking the performance of customers. You do not want a whole bunch of customers who are getting visited every week but hardly yielding many results. Rather you want to focus on high potential customers who can initiate the sales process and your team can do approximate sales forecasting as well. Our sale tracking software is a unique CRM solution that keeps the customer valued by the customers.


Sales tracking app that only tracks the location and attendance is not enough for increasing your sales. You need the best field sales tracking apps that not only let you know the location of your sales reps but also show their sales performance. You can measure their productivity through the salesmen tracking app and take action to enhance it. Again, measuring sales performance on the basis of output is good but it would be more accurate if we start considering sales behavior in the analysis.

BeatRoute is one holistic solution that considers all the above-mentioned features compact in a sales tracking app. If your business needs the make your sales teams more productive in growing your business, you can request a demo today.

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