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Take Care of your Product Promoters

Salesforce Management- Our advisory panel is smart and experienced bunch of folks from some of the best technology and business schools of India and have put in years at some of the most respected international brands in FMCG and Consumer Durables space. Yet we keep talking about the decade old basics. And we keep coming to a conclusion that we have got to do an even simpler implementation of those basics in or product. We call it BeatRoute – Mobile app for last mile retail.

Talk about promoters and we say…just take care of them. Absolutely…they are closest to the consumer and they got to be happy and spirited set of boys and girls.

Easy things that technology delivers:

• Ensuring they reach stores on time. No Proxy. Well groomed.
• Getting them to report sales offtake and even validate that
• Getting them to report pre-merchandizing and post-merchandizing shelf display
• Ensuring agency gets paid on actual promoter hours spent on the store

Invaluable things that technology delivers:

• Making them feel one of our own even when they come from an agency by taking care of their life cycle
• Establishing a believable fair mechanism of compensation and incentive calculation
• Instant release of their incentives and recognition of their achievements
• Invoke competitive spirit that is latent in every human being
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