Sales Force Automation vs Customer Relationship Management

Three Characteristics to Look for in a CRM SFA Software

In today’s era of digitization, what separates the best from the rest is their quest to adopt the modern trends and techniques of doing things. The sales function of FMCG & Consumer Goods companies is no exception.


The companies which have done continuously well in the previous few years are the ones who have adopted new automation tools in their sales process. Whether it may be collecting orders digitally or managing a huge customer base or optimizing their sales reps routes; companies have not only adopted digital platforms but have also gained maximum returns from them.


Sales Force Automation or SFA refers to a tool or software which is used by the field sales team to automate its field sales process. It generally involves tasks like order processing, route optimization, stock monitoring, sales forecast, and other analytic tasks. SFA captures field sales or service information in real-time using communications technology, typically handheld PDAs, wireless devices, or mobile phones. Sales force automation for FMCG helps in reducing tedious and time-consuming but imperative tasks connected with sales. This allows sales reps and executives to work on the revenue-generating activity like Field Sales.


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There are many Sales force automation solutions in the market and all of them offer the basic functionality of data capturing, digitization, analytics, etc. A question may arise asking what stands the best sales force automation solutions apart from the rest of the CRM SFAs? Although this question seems to be simple, only the best in the industry with expertise in sales force automation solutions can answer this. 


We at BeatRoute, with our experience and history of working with stalwart FMCG companies like Nivea, Perfetti Van Melle, and Kimberly-Clark, have figured out the top three characteristics that an FMCG/CPG company must look out for in a CRM SFA solution. 


Let’s have a detailed glance.


  • Should Help In Achieving Sales Goals:

As a business leader, one may want to automate the sales process. Automation is typically done by a Sales Force Automation software, but the best sales force automation software should not only help in just automation but also assist the business leaders in achieving the company level sales goals. Automation indeed plays an important part in the sales process but what benefit a CRM SFA may provide if the company still faces issues to reach its sales goals?


BeatRoute’s Sales Force Automation Software formulates the business goals through a goal-oriented sales process which helps business leaders to achieve their sales targets. First, business leaders define the business goals of the company. These business goals are then converted into individual-level goals and KPIs are decided to measure these individual goals. 



With integrated features such as gamification, BeatRoute helps in keeping the sales reps engaged and motivated to complete the set goals. Thus, the more individual goals are completed, the more company level business goals are reached.


  • Should be Easily Configurable:

With growing competition, it is very much essential for FMCG companies to be on the top of their game whether it may be in terms of the product features or the up-gradation of Sales Force Automation software. The job doesn’t end after implementing the software, your SFA software should ensure that it can be configured as per new demands and requirements.


Sales Force Automation Software must be easily configurable for, let’s say, real-time data capturing. This allows the sales reps to capture real-time information while visiting retail stores. SFA software should also be able to easily add a new sales process to the existing software without any coding. Best Sales Force Automation software must be almost zero-code software. It should assist in adding simple processes to the software without writing any complex codes. 


The sales force automation must also be open to open-end configuration, for example, a collaboration of people within the software. If these processes can be added to the CRM SFA software without hassle then you surely should consider it as the most configurable sales force automation software.


Should be easy to use across levels:

An FMCG company has thousands of employees working at different levels of hierarchy. They may be of different grades, levels, and backgrounds. Even with a bag full of features and modules, the sales force automation software should have a simple user interface. It should be simple to use across all levels of hierarchy. A perfect CRM SFA software should be a scalable platform across different levels.


The simpler the user interface, the easier it becomes for the frontline employees to align with the sales process of your company and hence with the goals of the company. The uniformity in the platform also ensures that all the employees, right from the sales rep to the zonal head to the Sales head, are aligned with a single business goal and platform.


BeatRoute’s 360-degree Sales Force Automation software comes up with all the three stand out features. BeatRoute’s SFA assists company members across different levels with a rich and simple user interface. It also helps business leaders in achieving their business goals by increasing the productivity of sales reps. Last but not least BeatRoute’s SFA is a zero-code Sales Force Automation software that ensures simple and complex processes are configured to the SFA software.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the three most important characteristics to look after while looking for the best CRM Sales Force Automation Software?

There are a lot of things to look out for while looking for the best CRM SFA software, but the three most important things to look out for are 1) It should help in achieving company-level goals, 2) it should be easily configurable 3) It should be easy to use across different levels of hierarchy. If your sales force automation has all of these three things then it is surely the best CRM Sales Force Automation Software.


How to check the configurability of a Sales Force Automation software?

An ideal Sales Force Automation software must be easily configurable. Three very significant questions decide whether Sales Force Automation software is easily configurable or not. 1) Is it possible for the SFA software to capture real-time information when the sales rep visits the customer? 2) How long does it take the Sales Force Automation Software to add a simple process to the software? 3) How long does it take to achieve the collaboration of people within the software? 


How important is it to have an up to date sales automation software?

There have been a lot of changes in the sales force technology over the years and it is very important to be on track with these changes because as the sales methodologies change with the changing customer behaviors, the tool required to automate the sales process also needs to be updated constantly. BeatRoute’s Sales Force Automation takes pride in being up to date with the latest technologies for delivering the best results for its clients.

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