Future of FMCG & CPG Sales in 2020s sales tracking software

[Webinar Recording] Future of FMCG & CPG Sales in 2020s

FMCG & broader CPG industry organizations have been on sales transformation journeys for the past few years. The Covid-19 crisis has further catalyzed the pace of this transformation. Industry leaders today have one question – What is going to change in the immediate as well as in the long term when it comes to their sales strategy and execution in the post -COVID world. To answer these questions, we organized a live webinar on the topic “Future of FMCG & CPG Sales in 2020s”. You can watch the complete webinar recording below:



The hour-long Webinar covered topics like:

  • What shall change when it comes to market coverage strategy?
  • Will there be a change in how performance is managed?
  • What skills adaptation will be required from sales teams and how to achieve that?
  • What might be ways to protect against similar crises in the future?
  • And Live Q&As from industry leaders across the APAC region

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