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Winning customers at the Point Of Sale – Product Promoter Enablement


Winning customers at the Point Of Sale – Product Promoter Enablement

Are you concerned about your product getting lost amongst similar products and not getting the set of eyes that it actually deserves? It is quintessential in today’s world to get the attention of potential customers. Winning it at the point of sale is one thing that can never go wrong.  

Deploying Product Promoter at the POS can not only help increase your sales but it also helps you avoid stock-outs and ensure compliance with visual merchandising campaigns and get competitor insights.

For you as a Sales Manager, the key challenges when working with product promoters are:

  • Attendance and actual presence of Promoters when customers walk-in or are in the store
  • Effective and accurate presentation of the brand, at the POS
  • The company designed sales process being followed

And a lot of others, as the practice involve human involvement so the chances of swindling are increased.

BeatRoute is an easy-to-use mobile app that helps maximize ROI through your promoters. The app helps you to solve these problems down to the slightest of details. It is backed up with presence & grooming assurance, standardized communication with consumers and promises robust sales process execution at every store.

Adhering to the fact that a single app is capable of doing all of this and much more is a little difficult to believe. But, backed up with a user-friendly award winning design interface, BeatRoute makes all of this possible and lets you have an upper hand in the competition. The nonpareil tools are bound to make you question all the methods that you have tried and never been satisfied with, owing to amazing features like-

  • GPS based Presence Hygiene-

It’s critical that Product Promoter are actually present in front of customers, to be able to actually sell to them. The severe lack of compliance is not helped by the lack of any ways to vet and monitor it. No more!  

With BeatRoute comes a set of features to ensure you can easily track this Promoter face-time. Specifically, we help with a core pillar of GPS tagged attendance to ensure presence. This is further supported by additional features like

  • Backend reports to detect late entrance and early exits
  • Leave reporting by promoters
  • Selfie-based face recognition to ensure grooming
  • In-app notifications to sales managers on absence
  • Technology Enabled Sales & Marketing Operations

With BeatRoute – the nightmare that is operations around sales & marketing gets phenomenally simplified. What are ordinarily major challenges – Stockouts, Sellout, and Offtake reporting, and more – all get addressed, and solved, effectively by leveraging technology.

Your team will be able to report stock-outs with notifications to the sales managers – with integrations built-in to do this for multiple products, tracking both stock levels and stock norms for each of them.

Your visual merchandising campaign execution also gets leveled up with BeatRoute, through ensuring that campaigns are activated, 100% customizable merchandising reporting mechanism, getting picture based feedbacks from retail stores and grading effectiveness of each campaign at the backend to bring measurability around Return on Marketing Investments

  • Team Enablement & Analytics

Regardless of how much one drives technology – its adoption by a team that marks the difference between failure and success.

With BeatRoute, we’ve built a platform that allows you to empower and enable your team. With a proven-to-be effective mobile-based learning platform, coupled with performance analytics for the entire team – you can be sure of your team doing well, on the ground!

Get Started with BeatRoute now, and you don’t need a credit card to sign up!

If these weren’t enough and you are still contemplating on the thought that will BeatRoute work for you and your product, think no more. BeatRoute’s fluid and intuitive interface that field force loves to use, solves all your problems. It works with zero or poor connectivity, is a great support for large team maneuvers and integrates product promoter teams with the sales team. In a nutshell, BeatRoute is designed for Field Users and their managers!

Any other questions before you change the way and get to the top? Chat with us at on and we will clear all your doubts before you begin your new journey. 

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