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World’s Best Enterprise Mobile App is arriving…

Yes. We are aiming at nothing less than that. I believe we are still a couple of releases away but we are heading in that direction and heading fast.

Thanks to our enthusiastic early customers in FMCG and Consumer Durable sectors, we have consistently got feedback on what will help them. We have tried to be good listeners and process every bit of feedback they gave us. In the mad rush of prioritizing these feedbacks and our own observation of adoption behavior, we have kept one ambition alive – Creating the best enterprise mobile application of the world.


Staying true to this ambition has helped us innovate every step of the way. Honestly this has made things simpler for us in terms of choices. To share a glimpse how BeatRoute goes about some matters –


  • > BeatRoute provides in-context intelligence for beat plan visit by sales reps, yet it can work with no or minimal data connection

  • > BeatRoute is dependent on geo location of lakhs of retail stores for advance market coverage analytics, hence it found a smart way to update master geo locations of every retail stor

  • > We want the most intuitive and appealing user interface but we kept a cap of maximum 5 MB of application size. Our new goal is less than 3 MB.


We have set many such thumb rules that make our job difficult but only take us closer to our goal. The most exciting part is that we have just scratched the surface of how modern tech can change the way last mile retail is conducted.

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