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Consumer Durables Processes, practices and innovation

‘Convincing Demo, Sure Sell’- through team learning

“The fact is, everyone is in sales. Whatever area you work in, you do have clients and you do need to sell.” -Jay Abraham A customer seldom bothers about or even considers the amount of technology or research that must have gone into creating a product and how unique it is. Perils of a Customer Purchase Journey Let’s trace back the journey of a product purchase from a customers’ perspective, you are free to choose any product that comes in your mind, from FMCG, Consumer Durables or Insurance. The chances of a customer choosing your product over the others become Continue Reading →

‘Convincing Demo, Sure Sell’- through team learning with BeatRoute

BeatRoute is an intelligent field execution platform that makes every field team member 10x more effective. It is a one-stop platform that helps you drive more sales through field teams. One of the key use cases that BeatRoute solves is helping the organization communicate and deliver standardized communication to its Field Teams and Customers. A few pillars make BeatRoute’s mechanisms foolproof- Multimedia Content The chances of your product being successful should not be based on the memory of a field force person, rather on solid formats that the field force can refer to, as and when needed. BeatRoute allows you Continue Reading →

Order Maximization – A game changer

Maximising orders by retailers is critical to any sales driven business, especially for FMCG and Consumer Durable product companies. This lever worked on effectively with the sales team, can have a major impact on the top line of the  FMCG and Consumer Durable product companies.  However, this isn’t a cakewalk - as anyone who’s been in sales knows - and the challenge only multiplies when trying to drive this across an entire field sales team. Just a few challenges and pitfalls can drastically hamper order maximisation efforts and sales. A key aspect that can hinder a sales rep is visibility Continue Reading →

Visual Merchandising – The ‘BeatRoute’ Retail Route

When it comes to sales - whether for FMCG or Consumer Durables or other consumer products companies, meticulous strategy and planning go into remaining on top of the game. Amongst the practices commonplace, yet differentiated and effective, in the retail industry, visual merchandising is right there at the top of the list. Well executed floor plans, attractive, three-dimensional displays, special packaging and posters, and right product placement - all to pique customer interest and maximize their sales. Companies are vying against one another to grab the same set of eyeballs to drive their sales at retailers up and get the Continue Reading →

In-Store Product Promoters – Converters before Consumer Walks Out

Product Promoters- If your brand is not necessarily the default choice in customers’ mind, even a great product quality might fail you. Question is - can brand owners in consumer durables industry miss their last opportunity to communicate about their product right at the point of sale. I still remember my last phone purchase. Though, it was quite a while ago :). I am one of those, who calculate the average monthly cost of owning a phone. The reason why I remember the experience is because I went to the store thinking of buying a Samsung phone while I returned Continue Reading →

Track the Retail Stores; Not your Sales Team

Field Force Tracking- 85% of all retail sales in consumer packaged industry still happens through neighborhood stores in most developing economies including some of the biggest markets like India and China. No wonder brand owners require a sizable team to cover territories and stores to ensure – 1)      Product placements at increasing number of stores 2)      Consistent stock at stores 3)      Favorable shelf display at Retail stores   Not using technology is like being at competitive disadvantage, but there a thin line between getting into the mindset of tracking your sales force in the field v/s ensuing that above happens Continue Reading →

Demand-Pull V/S Stock-Push

What's your strategy to drive sales and get the maximum out of your potential product!!   1) Stock-Push with Distributors On one side practitioners continue to focus on stock-push with distributors by offering margins, schemes and promotions. This has worked traditionally on the belief that if your business partners has stake in it, he will go ahead and replenish at existing retailers and find new retailers continuously. Challenge however remains that often a distributor does not have the knowledge base on what is the exact potential of a territory and its demographics. The question is should you consider your distributors Continue Reading →