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Store Profiling- Foundation of FMCG Sales Operations

A complete and thorough understanding, about the inside out of your customers and catering to their needs accordingly, is the ultimate road to leading your domain market. If you are an FMCG company, you are dealing with large number of point of sales in retail stores. Thus arises the need for a carefully done tool that suits this situation. Unfortunately most SFA (Sales Force Automation) products thoroughly miss this point and treat Customer Profiling simply a matter of master data. A few months into the deployment most customer grapple with making any sense of the generated data because they cannot Continue Reading →

GPS Tracking – The Game Changer for Field Force Management

  Technology is essentially changing the way we do our business and why shouldn't it? With the growth of any business that has a field force, it becomes a pressing need to have a closer eye on each activity; robust GPS tracking could be a possibility here. Handling a field force without technology is not only beyond the bounds of possibilities but unintelligent as well. No matter how big or small your team is, managing and monitoring it, effectively, is difficult. And helping them do their job better is undoubtedly a big challenge. One of the key things about managing Continue Reading →