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Four tech trends of 2018, in sales operation of FMCG Distribution

We all know that distribution is a critical lever for success of FMCG company. With e-commerce & Modern Trade channels democratizing distribution across FMCG brands, FMCG companies are betting on Technology in Sales Operations to help gain competitive advantage in large traditional trade network of Distributors & Retailers. Here is a look at 4 Top Tech trends in FMCG Distribution in 2018 1.Know thy customer (Profiling) It all starts with knowing your customer, doesn’t it? Deeper look at customer data of companies reveals very different picture. For starters, companies had a difficult time to establish what their current coverage of Continue Reading →

Store Profiling- Foundation of FMCG Sales Operations

A complete and thorough understanding, about the inside out of your customers and catering to their needs accordingly, is the ultimate road to leading your domain market. If you are an FMCG company, you are dealing with a large number of point of sales in retail stores. Thus arises the need for a carefully done tool that suits this situation. Unfortunately, most SFA (Sales Force Automation) products thoroughly miss this point and treat Customer Profiling simply a matter of master data. A few months into the deployment most customer grapple with making any sense of the generated data because they Continue Reading →

Miss Visual Merchandising 2018 Goes to No one

But we are going to have a winner in 2019 for sure. Some of our customers in Cosmetics, Personal Care and Alcobrew (Liquor) industry have made real progress in constantly measuring the quality of visual merchandising execution at retail stores. Before we dive into details, just to cover the bases –Visual merchandising is the practice in the retail industry of developing floor plans, planograms and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales. The purpose of such visual merchandising is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. Why no one is a winner: Well brands have done Continue Reading →

Why some SFA’s are liked by teams

In 2000, Gartner estimated that 80% of sales force automation (SFA) projects fail during implementation. Things have improved since then, but most studies put the average adoption to about 60%. It’s a big contemporary problem. Here are top 4 ways to improve your chance of successful SFA implementation Simplicity and Ease of use Field force comes in a wide spectrum of skillset. Even the most skilled like in Pharma industry require easy to understand navigation with near zero training requirements. Neat and clean user interface with simplest navigation ensures adoption during the first rollout and most importantly when new employees Continue Reading →

New Aadhar regime and KYC Conundrum of India

It was a phase that lasted a few months when telecom, lending and fintech industry celebrated the birth of digital identity for Indians - Aadhar. So did everybody else, who envisioned financial inclusion of large portion of un-banked and un-connected masses of India. With full electronic process of verification, cost of customer acquisition had dropped drastically, hence the viability of providing service far and wide. Then came the Supreme Court judgement in Sep 2018 that Aadhar electronic verification process cannot be used to facilitate the KYC (Know your Customer) norms. Not even with voluntary consent of the individual. However, as Continue Reading →

Customer Profiling – Reason no 1 for SFA failure in FMCG Industry

You implemented an SFA. It looked great in first couple of months. But the excitement faded away. First nobody wanted to use it. Then it became pointless even if they used it. Here are the symptoms a few months down the line. Symptoms of Failure 1) You have no clue of the visit adherence because you are not sure of the customer geo-codes 2) Retail coverage data coming from the system is not clear because you are not sure how many duplicate store data exist in your SFA system 3) Beat Plan adherence does not make any sense because of Continue Reading →

Winning customers at the Point Of Sale – Product Promoter Enablement

  Winning customers at the Point Of Sale - Product Promoter Enablement Are you concerned about your product getting lost amongst similar products and not getting the set of eyes that it actually deserves? It is quintessential in today’s world to get the attention of potential customers. Winning it at the point of sale is one thing that can never go wrong.   Deploying Product Promoter at the POS can not only help increase your sales but it also helps you avoid stock-outs and ensure compliance with visual merchandising campaigns and get competitor insights. For you as a Sales Manager, Continue Reading →

Deep Assets of Consumer Products Industry – Product Promoters

Deep Assets of Consumer Durables Products Industry - Product Promoters Deep assets of Consumer Durables; because they are out there in the field where action is. Because they influence decisions in a very localized and intimate environment of point of sales.  And lastly because we believe they are unsung Hero in the battlefield. Let’s look at top 4 reasons why we thought it was so important for BeatRoute to devote a fair mindshare to this role for all our customers across industry in consumer electronics, consumer durables, FMCG in general and cosmetics and apparel and footwear industry in particular – Advocacy Continue Reading →

10 times more effective distributor visits…

They are running driverless cars now by relying on software intelligence. My focus in this blog is a much lesser possibility, however highlights significantly impactful of use technology to make distributor field visits more meaningful in FMCG and Consumer durables industry. Consider this when your goal is get maximum bang from the buck you spend on travelling around the county as a sales manager – Integrated Primary and Secondary Performance While primary sales, outstanding credit resides in your ERP system, secondary sales and fulfilment data either resides in papers or resides in another system these days. It’s important to get Continue Reading →

SFA Mobile App – Who’s the biggest Enemy

First of all, just a disclaimer, we believe it’s not just about automation, but the world has been calling it SFA (Sales Force Automation) and lets just go with that for the purpose of this article 😊   SFA, CRM, FFA (field force automation), Field CRM or whatever you call it, is not an easy project to execute. Average success rates are about 60%. Here is our list of top 3 issues that any SFA project runs into – 1) Poor UI and UX For mobile application to be used by hundreds of remote people, it should require only minimal Continue Reading →