Consumer Durable

  • New age Sales Force Automation and Dealer Engagement

  • Know your Dealers to Engage Better

    • Use the Smart Profiling Engine to know their GPS locations and much more
    • Visualize your penetration with map views, and optimize market reach
    • Use Insightful Profiling to segment your Dealers.
  • Intelligently schedule your time with dealers

    • Use smart filters to identify dealers that require a visit
    • Combine Beat-Plan with Need based Scheduling
    • Encourage middle managers with GPS based visualizations to spend more time with dealers and distributors
  • Induce offtake by taking control of availability and visibility at Stores

    • Track Segment-wise stock availability at stores, and never let them go out-of-stock
    • Use Visual Merchandising capability to measure Branding and Product visibility across thousands of stores
    • Reduce cost of external audits for visual merchandising and get more reliable data
  • Maximize your return from product promoter deployments

    • Ensure presence with our GPS and Face Recognition attendance feature
    • Get near-real time view of offtake from stores
    • Ensure availability and visibility of products at stores
  • Help your territory managers help their front line

    • Enable them with a real time visualization of ground level operations with GPS stamps
    • Trigger them into action with our intelligent alerts
    • Help them identify problem areas and schedule their field visits wisely
  • Run your dealer loyalty programs like never before

    • Onboard your dealers to promote your sales schemes
    • Reward with loyalty points in real time on authentication scan of sold products
    • Loyalty point wallet to keep track of points and request redemption any time
  • Maximize sales with our AI powered recommendation, and scheme engines

    • Benefit from automated intelligence by suggesting order on every retail visit
    • Foolproof your sales performance against varied skills of hundreds of sales reps
    • Cross-sell and Up-sell with Scheme prompts, and Scheme Auto Application.
  • Enable your field force with engaging training and demonstration content

    • Upload multi-media content and target by field force role and customer profile
    • Help your field teams learn, demonstrate product content even when they are offline
    • Expedite onboarding with learning content attached with questionnaire
    • Monitor usage and intelligently assign content

Run the happiest and most efficient sales team on the foundation of world’s most Loved Field Force Platform

  • Offline and Poor Internet Support
  • Team Performance Score Cards
  • Alerts & Notification Centre
  • API Integration with ERP & DMS systems

Loved by customers and users equally

  • "BeatRoute App's interface is refreshingly simple and easy to use. Underlying technology has helped us profile our retailers with high degree of accuracy. We have been able to optimize our service routes with clear business benefits"
    Suhail Ghai CIO, India Region, Pepsico Pepsico
  • "Beat Delivery Optimization has helped as structure our delivery routes, minimizing the manpower and resources required in delivering to 15% more outlets, with 10% lesser cost."
    Mayank Pandey Sales Capability Head, Perfetti Perfetti
  • "We have thousands of product promoters running BeatRoute app every day. It has scaled up nicely and undoubtedly the most easy-to-use app"
    Arvind Vohra Managing Director, Gionee Mobile Phones,India Gioniee
  • "My brief to the team was to find an app that required zero training. BeatRoute is just that. We could roll it out to our entire sales hierarchy including distributor sales reps in just 3 months."
    Rodrigo Canillas Director Sales, Danone Nutricia, India Danone
  • "Used across India where ever there is a network or no network, so the off-line and the online functionality works pretty fine, and we have never faced any issues as an IT team"
    Arpita Das AVP-IT & CIO, Valvoline Cummins Valvoline
  • "We have been using BeatRoute in Indonesia. It is easy to use and has enabled us to better plan and monitor sales and promotion activities in the field."
    Desideria Utomo Director, Kobe Boga Utama Kobe

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