Consumer Durables

Consumer Durables is one of the most established industries. Launch of new products and upgraded models is the way of life for this sector. Being a consumer focused industry, its success depends on communicating and showcasing latest products to end consumers.

What are the challenges faced in consumer durables industry?
  • Territory planning to ensure penetration to every pocket of potential buyer.
  • Ensuring a controlled and well-thought-out planogram strategy of product display at the retail store.
  • Handling product rollout and associated visual merchandizing across a geographical spread in a short period.
  • Identifying appropriate point of advertisement and associated execution.
  • Lack of visibility in retail rollouts over a geographical spread in a multi-agency environment.
  • Ensuring availability of in-store promoters usually hired from external agencies.
  • Ground feedback on competitor activity at stores.
  • Ensuring responsiveness in after sales service by field force.
How BeatRoute mobile app successfully overcomes it?
  • Retail store analysis, classification and route planning for effective territory coverage.
  • Product rollouts with custom campaign setups and checklists.
  • VM Compliance check by agency or own resources with pictures.
  • In-store off-take reporting by promoters.
  • Planogram compliance reporting with pictures and downloadable guidance media.
  • Broadcasting promotional material multimedia across territories for local prints.
  • Status reporting on retail rollout lifecycle.
  • Reporting sales leads and consumer feedback.
  • Scheduling after sales service personnel and field reporting on the complaint.

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