Just write to us. You have the option of running a pilot for as few users as 5. You can also directly subscribe for your entire user base. Just send a sales enquiry to us.

Strength of BeatRoute lies in its highly industry vertical aware design as well as configurable templates that allow it to be used across multitude of scenario wherever a field force exists.

One can start a pilot in a restricted area within a week. However rollout to a larger area is best recommended to be done in steps with each 100 users taking about 2-3 weeks’ time.

BeatRoute is a cost-effective solution for your business and it has a subscription based opex model. For more information, you can reach us at +91-124-4958440 or write your query to sales@beatroute.io and our product expert will contact you and help you find associated costs.

  • Sales force effectiveness results in Payback for subscription fee in first month of rollout and payback for smartphone expenses in 5 months.
  • For growing companies, expedited increase in new retailers results in 20% higher sales in every territory.
  • Implementation of classification of customers and scheduled touchpoints results in 10% increase in sales
  • Controlled visual merchandizing might result in 10% fewer chances of lost sales.
  • Timely discovery of stock outages at secondary or tertiary level results in up to 20% fewer chances of lost sales.
  • Connected field force means 100% faster scalability of field force in newer markets.

No, there is no specific requirement or cost associated, except for the roaming charges required for the internet connection.

Even though we do have GPS relevant reporting, we do not support the policy of policing or tracking of sales force movement. GPS is captured only when a transaction is carried out in the field.

No, you do not need an infrastructure. The app runs on your mobile and hence, you can effortlessly monitor your business on your device. There are two kinds of hosting viz :

  1. On-premise hosting
  2. Cloud based hosting

No server hardware is required. BeatRoute is available in a secure cloud option with a subscription-based fee. In-field users will require a smartphone device with data connection.

Yes. The option is available to all customers with more than 50 users.

It is possible to have an on-premise hosting of BeatRoute. Our consultants will have to deploy it and help you with regular upkeep. We can install it remotely as well.

Customized 24X7 support option is available only to enterprise customers with more than 3000 subscribers. Default support is available during business hours on Monday to Friday.

Yes. Data is backed up on daily basis. In case, client has accidently deleted some data, selective of holistic backup restore can be performed on request by our deployment team.

The data on the device can be erased using a centralized MDM service that is bundled along with BeatRoute.

Customers can download all relevant data by themselves. BeatRoute is available in display and data download mode for 10 days after expiry of the subscription.

Most of the transactional functionalities in BeatRoute are designed for offline mode, which means users can continue to work when network drops or when there is no network signal at all.

Yes. BeatRoute already comes with ready-to-go content for SAP integration. It also offers APIs for integration with other ERPs. BeatRoute is designed on service oriented architecture based on SOAP standards, which allows for graceful and secure integration with any other system.