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I want to subscribe to BeatRoute app. How do I go about subscribing myself?

Which type of business this platform is specifically meant for?

How much time is needed for deployment?

How can I save my money? How is BeatRoute cost-effective?

I want to yield high returns and make more money. What is the expected ROI that I can get?

What is the minimum set of user license I can start with?

Is there any specific requirement for BeatRoute application, if I move between different geographical locations and any cost associated with it?

Will this application work on as low a bandwidth as 2G connection?

Is there a GPS relevant reporting available? If so, can I track my sales force?

Do I need an infrastructure?

Do I need any additional hardware?

Do I have an on premise option of deploying BeatRoute?

Help! I would like to host the app on my server. Is it possible and how?

In case of an event where I may have to call you after the stipulated working hours, would it be possible that I get you over the phone?

If my data evaporates somehow, is there any backup for all the data?

What happens to my data on the device which gets stolen or if a personnel goes rogue?

What if I want to quit using BeatRoute app? Will it still store all my information?

What if while working online my network drops?

We have our own ERP system. Can BeatRoute be integrated with our ERP system?