Why BeatRoute Over FieldAssist?

Old style sales force automation platforms only allow you to automate/digitise your field sales operations. They boast of having latest features, analytics, fancy dashboards & colourful graphics. On the other hand, BeatRoute is designed to deliver healthy sales growth every month. For Example; you might have company level goals such as improving sales output per sales rep, getting larger order sizes, meeting 'revenue per store' targets, SKU/range performance or channel-wise ROI etc. BeatRoute allows you to define such goals in the system, and achieve them through our unique Goal Driven Sales Approach. Hence, you cover the basics of automation such as GPS tracking, data capture, attendance, secondary sales visibility etc., while taking your field sales execution to the next level for consistent business growth.
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    BeatRoute is evolved for FMCG & Consumer Good Nuances

    While most of the sales force automation software in the industry are built around general trade of operations. We understand your need for a versatile sales automation solution, which is why we built a platform that evolves with your market needs and covers General Trade, Modern Trade along with HoReCa/B2B channels. It let's you get complete control over channel partners, sales reps, promoters, merchandisers etc.
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    Not Just any Gamification

    Gamification has become a trend over last couple of years, with SFA companies using it as their selling point. But does it actually help? No, because at the core they are just tracking KPI's (Key Performance Indicator), usually sales output. At BeatRoute, we differ, it's not just about output KPI's, when gamification is done on input/behavioral KPI's as well like interaction norms, range selling, average order size, scheme application, merchandising execution etc. a sales reps output automatically gets better. Furthermore, BeatRoute's system identifies and informs sales managers of people faltering on these KBI's, also aiding them to impart targeted digital coaching with it's Learning Demonstration Module.
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    Order Taking Made Easier with WhatsApp BOT

    Cut down your cost-to-service with BeatRoute's hybrid order execution via Retailer App, WhatsApp Orders, SMS Communication, mSites Monitor & Manage Physical Visits as well as Digital Interactions with Retailers in single interface. AI-Enabled Order Suggestion for Sales Reps on Android/iOS App & Retailers/Customers on WhatsApp BOT.
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    Let Cues BOT-Powered by AI Handle Analytics and Reporting

    Sales Managers often don't have time to go through charts and dashboard in the heat of field operations. One of it's kind, BeatRoute's Cues BOT Engine is an AI which helps detect problems in Route-to-Market Operations, without the need of manual data crunching. It informs relevant field managers & nudges them to take immediate corrective action.

Enable Distributors with our in-built DMS or Integrate yours

BeatRoute comes with its own in-built Distributor Management System with inventory, invoicing, schemes, claims, and more. or use our APIs to integrate with yours. This means you don't have to buy a separate DMS, unlike many competitor platforms.

Boost Returns from Product Promoter Deployments in Modern Trade

Get to know promoters presence at store with GPS tracking and Face Recognition attendance. Track availability and visibility of products at stores. Utilize powerful Product Promoter App to maximize their field sales output.

Route Optimization Engine for Shorter Routes

BeatRoute only Orbit Optimization algorithm to calculate the logistically most efficient way for covering the stores in a territory, along with the number of resources required to cover all routes. Factor-in resource skills and store profile while optimizing routes, assess the viability of new territories, with travel cost estimations.

Take advantage of a truly futuristic SaaS platform that is uniquely designed for FMCG & Consumer Goods Industry's nuances

  • Easy-to-use intuitive app that comes prebuilt with all the typical use cases for the industry. Quick deployment without any need for custom development.
  • Can be easily configured in a few clicks without writing any code. Functionalities & components can be added/removed anytime based on your needs.
  • New features are added regularly. The app receives major updates every quarter, and minor security & feature updates even more frequently.
  • Connects with ERP, DMS or any of your other apps/software with our robust API framework. Data can be easily synced with your existing systems.

About BeatRoute

It’s the most loved & award winning field force platform that enables you to run your field force operations efficiently across General Trade (Traditional Trade), Modern Trade, HORECA & B2B Channels. As a comprehensive platform, BeatRoute's components include field sales app, Distributor Management System (DMS) & WhatsApp BOT based customer app that can be used by your retailers and B2B customers to place orders to you digitally.

  • BeatRoute is now a part of our daily life in the organization, and in just one click we have full visibility of what is happing in our business
    Rodrigo Canillas Director Sales, Danone Nutricia Danone
  • Beat Delivery Optimization has helped as structure our delivery routes, minimizing the manpower and resources required in delivering to 15% more outlets, with 10% lesser cost.
    Mayank Pandey Sales Capability Head, Perfetti Perfetti
  • With BeatRoute, we observed a 20% increase in sales, across retail counters within months
    Indrani Lahiri Cosmic Nutracos Perfetti
  • We have been using BeatRoute in Indonesia. It is easy to use and has enabled us to better plan and monitor sales and promotion activities in the field
    Desideria Utomo Director, Kobe Boga Utama Kobe

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