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In-Store Product Promoters – Converters before Consumer Walks Out

Product Promoters– If your brand is not necessarily the default choice in customers’ mind, even a great product quality might fail you. Question is – can brand owners in consumer durables industry miss their last opportunity to communicate about their product right at the point of sale.

I still remember my last phone purchase. Though, it was quite a while ago :). I am one of those, who calculate the average monthly cost of owning a phone. The reason why I remember the experience is because I went to the store thinking of buying a Samsung phone while I returned with a Sony one. Sony’s product promoter did quite well to explain me his product. I was convinced, I was getting a superior technology for the better price. Seeing video throw on TV with just a swipe was a clincher.

At a retail conference recently Managing Director of Panasonic India and South Asia, Manish Sharma shared his views on changing paradigm – “Display share at the counter is important but does not always lead to counter share, unless product promoters do a good job of showcasing the product