territory manager

New-age Territory Manager – 5 Traits

A new age Territory Manager does the same old 5 things in a completely different way. –

(1)          Territory Planning

*     Spends at least a day in the month in meticulously reviewing his territory with the help of a map driven tool to ensure routes are efficiently defined and are realistically possible to cover in a day.

*     Keeps a watch on newly added stores and realigns routes/beats and their schedules based on class of store

(2)          Associated Beat Visits

*     Uses data analytics to uncover routes and stores with downward sales trend and makes his associated sales visits with sales reps meaningful

*     Makes use data and technology to sensitize the sales reps towards significance of beat schedules and varied frequency of visits to different class of stores

(3)          Market Feedback

*     Uses tools to analyze sales, productivity and competitor related data and acts like an ear to area and regional managers

(4)          Distributor Connect

*     Sets appropriate objective for each distributor visit by analyzing distributor’s performance on category sales, credit history and fulfillment performance

*     Uses technology to ensure that distributor’s feedback and grievances are heeded to by one and all

(5)          Team Rigor

*    Does not focus on GPS tracking of his team members. Uses technology to focus on tracking the market. Only focusses on effective Total Calls and Productive Calls numbers

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