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Field CRM and Lead Management


The ‘lead info’ clearly travels a lot of steps before it reaches the sales rep, who actually becomes the face of your company.

For any other industry, it might be an area which can be slightly neglected, but when Banking Finance, or Insurance companies are taken into consideration, the most important lever of winning a client is a face to face meeting.

Sales reps are the ones who do these meetings and are responsible for converting a lead to a customer.

So, are you ready to risk your potential customer?

Just imagine the scenarios that could go wrong when a generated lead travels this chain. Information is twisted, mixed and miscommunicated more than often and also stands a chance to be completely missed out, because a human brain cannot possibly remember each and every detail.

And even if the lead manages to travel safely through this chain and reach the sales manager, what are the chances of it reaching the most appropriate sales rep and at the most-apt time?

There are a number of problems that might occur when a lead is assigned to a sales representative.

The sales rep might-

  • be on leave or be unavailable on the day that the client has asked to meet
  • have never dealt with such a client
  • not have a background of the lead
  • not know at what stage the lead is at
  • not know the amount or the level at which the client is willing to spend
  • leave the job or discontinue without notice

These are just a few problems, the list of things that could go wrong is quite larger.

How does a typical company create a lead?

A company uses various software and methods to generate leads, like advertising on ATM machines, sales reps in malls and most importantly telecallers. As soon as a lead is generated, it gets saved under a particular customer ID, which is entirely unique to that particular customer.

After collecting a set of information about a person like earning and age. Next step is of making calls and setting up meetings.

How BeatRoute solves these problems?

BeatRoute is one of the pioneer apps, that provides Field CRM. When talking about field CRM it means CRM with an additional information about longitude and latitude of a sales rep.

It really is the best in class when it comes to field force automation, with a wide range of features, listed below.

Integration with existing CRM

BeatRoute has made the impossible possible, it can integrate any CRM (that a company might be using) directly with BeatRoute. So, no matter where a lead is coming from and in which format, with the use of API it can easily be integrated and made available on phones of your sales rep, to be effortlessly accessed while on the go. It can integrate two systems efficiently even if the languages are completely different, so both profit from each other.

This cuts down the trouble of manually passing information from one department to another or of filling the details in an excel sheet (generally used by the companies). BeatRoute additionally cuts down the chances of de-duplication of leads.

Assisted Lead Assignment

When a lead is generated it gets assigned to the regional manager. Now he/she has to assign the lead to a sales rep. With BeatRoute the manager can see-

  • The area which the sales rep covers
  • Even his/her exact location
  • The kind of clients a particular sales rep deals with
  • The leave status (all the days that he/she won’t be available on)
  • And also make a call through BeatRoute (as it integrates itself with phone’s calling system, so a call can easily be made without jumping out of the app)

With the following information, the manager can easily find the appropriate sales rep and assign him the lead comfortably.

A lead assignment is thus done based on availability and location and not on assumptions, so the sales rep benefits from it too. He/she gets the entire information about the lead, from the history, interests to details like location and preferred time for the meeting. The visit can thus be planned accordingly, and without a fuss, with integrated google maps for location. The scheduled meeting also gets automatically merged with google calendar of the sales rep.

Lead Information on Mobile, that too Offline

What if we tell you that BeatRoute makes the CRM remotely available to your field force?

Yes, that’s true. With BeatRoute all the gathered CRM, is available on mobile phones of almost everyone in your team. So your sales reps, which were otherwise completely dependent on the backend people in the office, have all the details in their hands now; and can answer all the query of your lead right then and there, instead of calling the backend office and waiting for a reply.

So the chances of lead information getting lost are ticked off entirely. Plus, the information is always accurate and can be referred to as an when required.
Furthermore, with BeatRoute the sales force automation become 10x better with GPS based field coverage, geo-tagged visit transactions, route optimization and more, backed by location intelligence.

Detailed Lead Profiling

BeatRoute is designed keeping the people on the ground in mind and to make their work easier and much more effective. The leads can have types, subtypes, labels, visit notes and stages attached to their customer IDs.

  • Customer Type & Subtype– These can be used to notify what kind of purchase is the lead interested in,e.g., insurance policy, mediclaim or loan etc.
  • Stage– Each company uses different terminology to refer to the stage of their lead. BeatRoute allows you to use your company’s lingo and label your lead accordingly, e.g, hot lead, warm lead; prospect lead, potential lead etc.
  • Custom Labels- This enables us to further differentiate the customer type.
  • Visit Notes– After a meeting, or even if the meeting couldn’t be arranged, the agent can leave specific notes against the lead, e.g, phone not picked up, next meeting scheduled etc.  

All of these is visible to everyone who is in the chain of the particular lead. This again enables the managers to have an overall control and it also acts as a backend data so that another rep can easily pick it up from there in the case of unavailability of the assigned sales rep.

Mobile-based Multimedia Demonstration Content

What if your agent is meeting the perfect lead and he/she is one step away from buying your service but the lead needs to see a few more details or a demo? Can your agent risk it by asking the client to wait for a few days to get back to him/her?

With BeatRoute you can store and publish content on the app in the form of PDFs, Videos, Audio, word documents, pictures etc. These may contain detailed explanations and various factors that might come handy for your team on the ground.

The sales rep can even share a soft copy with the customers if needed. And don’t worry about your data being misused as all the data rolled out, can be monitored down to the very end. An option of targeted rollout is also available that helps in having a control over your team. As and when a demo is given it gets saved in BeatRoute with location and the duration for which it was open or played. So you can be sure if your agent has actually done an effective marketing and with the right customers or not.

KYC from mobile

If dealing with financial services, the most important aspect is the verification of a person and having others details about him/her. BeatRoute gives an option of punching in the Aadhar Card, PAN Card and such details of your potential client. In a typical scenario, the rep takes these papers gives it to the backend office who then verifies and uploads them. But with BeatRoute the sales rep can directly feed in the details. The backend office has to just wait for a physical copy to get there and the work is all done. BeatRoute facilitates the process and makes it much faster.

Configurable Team Performance Scorecards

There is one dedicated sheet where the aggregated data can be seen. It is a separate automatically created window that helps a manager to keep a record of the work done and a sales rep to know his/her actual performance. This is measured by-

  • In-field presence and for how many hours- The sales rep can integrate his/her information from the phone about the location. Thus influencing the presence report.
  • Status of monthly based targets- If these are not met the agent will get the notifications from time to time so that he can do the needful.

The above-listed features are just a facet of BeatRoute.

Additional technologies that it empowers you with:

  • Announcements and Push notifications– which can be targeted or rolled out to the whole team, e.g., announcements by senior management for a global meet or a new company policy. And, one doesn’t have to even open the phone to see it.
  • Smart Filters- to help managers segregate and look into leads easily.  

Are you still looking for a reason to try out BeatRoute?

It’s an app that handles your overall sales rep management and makes it available on your phone. So you never lose out on a prospective client and even the slightest of details about the status of your sales rep, while your team is on the field. Additionally, BeatRoute helps cover a lot of other areas, so give it a try today and understand how to best optimize your Banking, Financial and Insurance Services and much more. Give us a call at +91 9999463675, or visit our website.

‘Convincing Demo, Sure Sell’- through team learning

“The fact is, everyone is in sales. Whatever area you work in, you do have clients and you do need to sell.” -Jay Abraham

A customer seldom bothers about or even considers the amount of technology or research that must have gone into creating a product and how unique it is.

Perils of a Customer Purchase Journey

Let’s trace back the journey of a product purchase from a customers’ perspective, you are free to choose any product that comes in your mind, from FMCG, Consumer Durables or Insurance.

The chances of a customer choosing your product over the others become undoubtedly tough, as there are numerous factors affecting it-

  • Competitor products in the same space
  • Lower price for a similar product
  • Customer’s comfort level with the previous product
  • Customer not properly told about the product
  • Wrong USPs passing through

Navigating These Perils

Thus, there is an essential need for a meticulously strategized plan to convince a customer to choose your product.

If you work with a team on the field, execution of sales strategy has many challenges-

  • Field teams are distributed by definition
  • The strategies go through the chinese whisper syndrome
  • Marketing plans, strategies, and communication go through a hierarchy of managers
  • Maintaining standardized brand and product communication

No matter how great your product is, if the benefits are not correctly or effectively shared with the customers, why will they buy it?

Communication is Always a Challenge

Owing to the huge size and hierarchy of the field teams, important information like the USPs, product information, service information, and schemes are frequently miscommunicated, and the lack of a single channel communication makes it even more difficult. Moreover, the mode of knowledge sharing for the field forces is restricted to their managers.

However, even this communication is not up to the required standard, as the communication between them is restricted to the limited time span that they have. The barriers to communication are plenty, as more than often this communication is verbal; resulting in a lot of drop-out and miscommunication. The only form of written passage of information is through a brochure or some printed leaflet and documents.

Ultimately the USPs, little technicalities or how the product even works is not understood through and through.

The said problems can be the difference between your product being a top seller or just one amongst many.

It goes without saying, an effective solution is quintessential for solving these problems, which not only enables your field force team to have a better understanding of the product, but also communicate it to the customers hyper-efficiently. In addition to that, a substantial communication channel is indispensable here.

What’s the Solution?

BeatRoute is a B2B application that comes with unmatched technologies to tackle the problems of USPs suffering the chinese whisper syndrome, the schemes not getting accurately explained to your customers and product and service information getting lost, owing to the lack of a single channel of communication. BeatRoute empowers your team with tools to communicate effectively, driving positive business outcomes.

‘Convincing Demo, Sure Sell’- through team learning with BeatRoute

BeatRoute is an intelligent field execution platform that makes every field team member 10x more effective. It is a one-stop platform that helps you drive more sales through field teams. One of the key use cases that BeatRoute solves is helping the organization communicate and deliver standardized communication to its Field Teams and Customers. A few pillars make BeatRoute’s mechanisms foolproof-

  1. Multimedia Content

The chances of your product being successful should not be based on the memory of a field force person, rather on solid formats that the field force can refer to, as and when needed. BeatRoute allows you to store and publish content on the app in the form of PDFs, Videos, Audio, word documents, pictures etc. These may contain detailed explanations and various factors that might come handy for your team on the ground.

Based on your product or need these can be neatly divided for easier understanding and quick accessibility.

  1. Training

With everything stored in the app, BeatRoute gives you and your team the power of learning. A manager can easily publish pieces of information to the app and in one go the whole team will have an access to it. This ensures that no member of your team is exempted from receiving even the slightest of the details. So you can train your entire team, sitting at one place through demo videos, well-explained PDF documents, and brochures designed specially in the language of the field force.

  1. Assessment

It’s often a concern for the managers whether their team was actually able to grasp all the information and understand it to the extent of actually using it effectively.

BeatRoute has a solution for that as well. Within the app one can make assessment modules linked to a particular training content. The team can be asked to fill these, thus making it easier to understand how much has a team member ascertained. These assessments don’t come with a marking or grading system, so your team never feels judged rather they understand it is solely for the purpose of making the training documents more easy to grasp. What more? These results can be ascertained in seconds.

  1. In-field Sharing & Demo

The data stored in the app can be shared, not only with the shopkeepers and agents but directly to the customers as well.  

Consider a product of a financial company, if a customer asks a particular question or a query, your field force can share with him/her particular documents and policy information for their satisfaction. What makes this feature even more amazing is that your customers don’t need to have the app, the documents are directly sent to their emails. Moreover, the brochures, objection handling documents, etc. can be shared with customers with a single click.

  1. Secure Multimedia content set up for Demonstration and Learning

With all this sharing, the question of security and your content getting misused is bound to come in your mind. But worry not, the security of your documents is entirely in your hand. You can choose which documents you want to be shared and those will be the only ones that will be shareable.

  1. Content consumption assurance

Having covered the training and assessment segment we have also focused on fetching content consumption analytics for the same. BeatRoute is designed in such a way that each training documents rolled out by you is monitored down to how many people have actually opened it and for how long.

Exactly when you thought you couldn’t be more in control, behold!

BeatRoute is an intelligent platform through which you can target stores and get accurate analytics of when, where and by whom a particular content was played or viewed. This data can collectively be used to check if the content was shared efficiently at the target location or not. Thus, chances of fiddling are cut down to negligible.

With BeatRoute, we’ve built solutions that help you tackle all the field force handling problems that too with diligence. Enabling you to empower your field force and making them self-sufficient, is our ultimate aim.

Last, but far from least.

We recognize that dissimilar teams and people at varying levels, need different content for training.

BeatRoute allows you to target your content and send it to specific teams. This not only saves time but also makes your work more systematic, as separate content can be sent based on the size and location of the stores as well.   

To top it all, we present to you the most cherished weapon of BeatRoute, Offline- which means all of the above-mentioned features can work even if there is low or almost no connectivity on the mobile phones.  

Equipped with such astonishing features, nothing could possibly stop you from getting BeatRoute for you and your team.

Start with BeatRoute now, for a one-stop solution to all your sales and field force challenges and get rid of the losses caused by the gap in communication.

Each of these features is meticulously planned and provide an excellent user experience.  Further, regardless of the industry BeatRoute has got a lot more power packed specific use cases designed for you. If you are in sales you would definitely be doing visual merchandising, read here to know how you can best optimize it and for BFSI there is a lot you can do to leverage it through.

Sounds just about perfect, doesn’t it? Give us a call at +91 9999463675, or get started for free  and we’ll help you get the most out of your field force.