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Treading through BFSI the smart way!

The retail banking and consumer financial services (BFSI) involve a lot of hard work on part of the field reps and agents – whether it be attending to customer calls, door to door selling, lead funnel tracking and what not. The ability to nail execution on this aspect is what also becomes an immense differentiator amongst firms – and if you want to win – you have absolutely got to get this right.

In BFSI, field sales and marketing comes with its own set of predicaments, not limited to …

  • Capturing relevant leads through multiple sources.
  • Ensure scientific allocation of leads to the right sales agents
  • Dynamic learning of sales agents
  • Ensure field coverage by sales team with prospects
  • Tracking geographically dispersed lead funnel

And a lot many more…

An app that provides a solution to all of this and much more with finesse, does every service with a client-specific clarity armed with fail-proof tools, and, singularly tailored to execute perfection, sounds hypothetical but is exigent.

BeatRoute is a solution for intelligent field execution, that helps overcome a lot of hurdles and drive results from a BFSI team.

Targeted features devised with detailed attention to the industry nuances of BFSI is how BeatRoute has been built, along with a learning and demonstration set up to ensure a thorough execution right down to the last member of the team.  We are the ultimate intelligent field execution platform with tools that aim at the very best action plan for winning results that can become a driving factor in your success.

How can  BeatRoute help? Fair question.

  1. We help you manage, track and act on your leads – better. All of which leads to more, and happier customers.
  2. We provide you with building geo-mapping, and geo-tracking into your sales strategy and execution. Right from territory allocation to location-based field coverage and audits – you’re taken care of.
  3. We create aids for the business context and users – from notifications to detailed insightful scorecards and analytics, to proper learning functionalities on the app. All to enable easier adoption, and better results

Sounds wicked, doesn’t it? This detailing of key features and USPs for your BFSI team will leave your jaw on the floor, we assure you.

  • Lead Aggregation and Customer Profiling: Including on the go lead creation and the uploading of the “Know Your Customer” and Profile documents; all of this – along with intelligent lead allocation and de-duplication engine to ensure maximum efficiency of your sales reps
  • Learning and Demonstration: An approach built for inclusiveness that comprises of a thorough training and assessment setup, role-based targeting and reporting and analytics of training consumption. The training itself allows for multimedia content setup and delivery, viewing the training offline and infield sharing. All of which makes it easier for your sales team to get the training, and for you to check they’re getting it.
  • GPS based field Coverage: Building in a geo-mapped lens to the entire business. Right from Territory Planning and mapping to, Field visit routes and planning, Assured adherence by field team through GPS tracking, tracking compliance to coverage norm tracking and in-store promoters actually being present
  • Lead Management: Proper lead management and tracking to ensure the business as a whole lets nothing slip through the cracks. With lead tunnel tracking, stage-wise automated triggers, GPS tagged field visit logs and more.
  • Business Need Features: Our service USPs include real-time alerts on product policies and HR notifications, scheduled and event-based alerts to ensure hindrance free working and role-based notification delivery. Further – a Configurable scorecard helps capture performance – with Target vs. Actual, Real-time updates on Configurable KPIs.

With this set of features and a lot more under the hood, we guarantee that we can level up your field sales team execution game.

Get Started with BeatRoute now – we’re forever free for everyone, and you don’t need a credit card to sign up! Contact us and we’ll help you go live within 3 weeks!

5 Technology Tests for your Sales Force Mobile App

5 Technology Tests for your SalesForce Mobile App

  • Offline and Low Network (Salesforce)

It’s not the lack of network that is biggest enemy. Most app vendors should at least support offline capability. It’s the poor network that is the biggest enemy. It’s easy to sense when there is no network, but a badly designed app keeps fighting (shall I say buffering !) with low network.

>> Easy way to test this is switch of data connection. Use wi-fi to connect to another phone’s data connection through hot spot. Now switch off data on the other phone. Try your app.

  • Data synchronization Time

Caching some master data locally on the phone is great to support smoother user experience and particularly offline capability. What becomes Achilles heel for most apps is how much time it takes to sync the data.

>> Easy way to test this is – go to settings > apps > choose your app > clear data > Try login afresh and see how long does it take to login.

  • Caching v/s Application Size

Most tech teams don’t bother about it, but is a crucial difference between apps that work and the ones that don’t. If you have a feature where history is being maintained, make sure there is a method to how much history is being kept on the phone’s memory. It might be ok in the beginning but soon users will run into a wall.

>> Identify a piece of data in your app, which is listed as a history > create a large number of such transactions elongate the list and see if all the data is available offline with no restriction or without on-demand fetch. If it is, most likely your app is going to bloat over the period.

  • Geo location Capture

If your enterprise app is meant for managing secondary sales from retail stores, it’s an important capability to be able to use GPS to measure territory coverage. It’s crucial however to understand what combination of map APIs should be used. Speed, accuracy and probability of successful capture are important.

>> Do a Street Corner test. Use your app to do transactions only at street corners of your neighborhood and see if a visual map to check if all your pins are at the corner. Another test is to switch into flight mode and check how many times and how quickly your app is able to capture the GPS.

  • Image Handling

If your enterprise app captures images, it’s life threatening to leave it to users’ choice of his camera settings that how heavy an image is captured. You will have host of users complaining about not able to sync their data.

>> Quick test will be to change your camera settings to high resolution > switch to 2G network > user a feature that captures images a few times > Try sync and see if takes ages to sync

New-age Sales Force Automation

Traditionally Sales Force Automation refers to automation of all the business tasks such as customer contact management, order taking, stock reporting, order tracking etc.

BeatRoute is a new-age Sales Force Automation software platform that uses modern technology to open up new possibilities for any field sales force particularly in FMCG and Consumer Durable industry. In fact a better phrase for what BeatRoute delivers is Last Mile Retail Coverage”.

Expect following from this innovative platform –


Intelligent Field Force

BeatRoute offers contextual intelligence to sales personnel in the field in while performing business tasks on the mobile application enabling him to take smarter actions.


Benefits of automation at unmatched levels

Using modern technology we not only handle traditional Sales Force Automation needs of capturing transactions but also enable processes that were not touched so far. E.g. our software helps companies ensure Shelf Display facings that are proportional to their market share and the money that they are willing to spend to secure displays.


Collaborative Sales Force

BeatRoute innovatively uses technology and business process context convert a highly scattered workforce into a highly connected and collaborative one. While one individual performs his tasks, system automatically conveys the derived actionables to others in real time.

Write to us to know more about how BeatRoute facilitates effective deployment of secondary trade promotions in collaboration with Distributor network. Continue reading New-age Sales Force Automation

Mobile App for Visual Merchandizing


Just to get the definition out of our way – “Visual Merchandizing” is about organizing your product display at the retail store shelf to ensure maximum visibility to shoppers.

Whether at small stores in General Trade Channel or large stores of Modern Trade Channel, companies adopt tactics and negotiations to achieve most favorable display facings. While all the knowledge exists it’s been a wild good chase for managers in FMCG and Consumer durables industry to deal with following issues –


Difficult to enforce display contracts

In a highly scattered, busy, dynamic and competitive environment of retail activity, it has been difficult to enforce the display contracts between the manufacturer and the retailer. In periodic visits manufacturers usually find displays are not they were supposed to be.


Securing Visibility matching with the market share

We believe every brand owner deserves at least as much display space as the market share compared to its competitors. In a highly scattered environment and for lack of a tool, it has been impossible receiving information about display space that the competing brands are getting.


Adopting Visual Merchandizing Discipline

Being able to practice a discipline of periodically going to various stores as per a pre-defined plan to ensure appropriate visual merchandising has been almost an impossible tasks. WhatsApp pictures coming from hundreds of stores does not lead to any organized course correction and actionable visibility into lack of discipline.

BeatRoute uses pictures and an innovative mechanism of visit planning and reporting display facings from the store to ensure managers are in control of displays at thousands of stores distributed across a vast geography.


Continue reading Mobile App for Visual Merchandizing