Visual Merchandising

  • Most brands believe shelf-share directly impacts market share

    Across industries, brands make huge investments in point-of-sale branding believing shelf-share directly impacts market share.
  • However, Ensuring execution quality at thousands of retail points is a challenge

    • Opaque activation status to head quarter
    • Wrong placement
    • Inconsistent displays

BeatRoute Mobile App secures your investment by helping you measure

  • Product Visibility In Store
  • Share Of Shelf
  • Store Branding

How we make it possible.

  • Campaign Design

    • Combine VM elements like: POSM, Product Display Planogram, SOS
    • Define Benchmark Images
    • Ask Questions
  • Campaign Targeting on Selected Stores

    • Target stores by Geographical Location
    • And/or via Type, subtype, class, chain etc
  • Reporting from Field

    • Intuitive zero-training interface for field force to provide feedback on campaigns
    • Offline and poor network support
    • Click and submit images for visual grading, and reference
  • Central Audit & Reports

    • Rate & Review the feedback from field
    • Optional barcode scan for specific product categories
    • API suite, for analytics with advance BI systems
    • Provide data access to auditors
  • "We evaluated a dozen platforms to choose BeatRoute. It's truly world class."
    Kashif Ahmed, Trade Marketing, Danone Nutricia, India
  • "We have thousands of product promoters running BeatRoute app every day. It has scaled up nicely and undoubtedly the most easy-to-use app"
    Arvind Vohra, Managing Director, Gionee Mobile Phones, India
  • "My brief to the team was to find an app that required zero training. BeatRoute is just that. We could roll it out to our entire sales hierarchy including distributor sales reps in just 3 months."
    Rodrigo Canillas, Director Sales, Danone Nutricia, India
  • "Used across India where ever there is a network or no network, so the off-line and the online functionality works pretty fine, and we have never faced any issues as an IT team"
    Arpita Das
  • "We have been using BeatRoute in Indonesia. It is easy to use and has enabled us to better plan and monitor sales and promotion activities in the field."
    Desideria Utomo, Director, Kobe Boga Utama
  • "BeatRoute App's interface is refreshingly simple and easy to use. Underlying technology has helped us profile our retailers with high degree of accuracy. We have been able to optimize our service routes with clear business benefits"
    Suhail Ghai, CIO, India Region, Pepsico

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