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16 Best Route Planning Software in 2023

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Route planning or route optimisation is a vital component of logistics planning/last mile services or sales visits to stores. Mapping locations and then sequencing them for the most optimised route ensures brands save both time and money as sales reps cover more ground and interact with more stores. Furthermore, as route optimisation helps to reduce travel time, more time can be dedicated to face time with retailers and customer relationship management.

Revenue heavily depends on customer loyalty, which, in turn, depends on your operational efficiency. Of course, this is decided by more than just the latitudes on a map. Other deciding factors for an optimised route are business requirements, traffic, roads, customer priority, vehicle constraints, etc. 

All said and done, a great route planning software is a huge plus as it automatically generates the perfect route for you without you having to take the trouble. 

But let’s dig deeper and see why a route planning software is important for your brand. 

Why Do You Need A Route Planning Software?

Manual route planning comprises human efforts and viewpoints that are innately inefficient because we cannot simultaneously calculate and compare millions of route combinations or alternatives towards finding the best route. There are hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of stores for sales reps to visit, onboard, and offboard, making it practically impossible for a human team to optimise everything on that scale. 

Intuition over data-based optimisation is always counterproductive and here are the reasons why you need a route planning software for your brand.

Manual route planning would add all Zone B stores to Zone B routes, while an efficient route planning software includes a Zone B store in a Zone A route for maximum route optimisation.

  • Reduced distance and fuel costs

Fuel is one of the most expensive commodities today and as a brand, you should be looking out to save up on it as much as possible. As a route optimisation software creates routes based on the best available options, minimises actual kilometres for your vehicles, and takes into account factors that manual planning could overlook, it potentially saves you a lot of money in the form of fuel economy. And the more you save on fuel, the more you save on time, giving you the opportunity to spend more time at each retailer’s and understand their expectations better. This boosts upselling, cross selling, and range selling chances, not to mention retailer loyalty.

  • Enhanced time and efficiency

Route planning software is automated which means that they have algorithms that consider commonly driven routes and exceptions and then compare or modify routes accordingly. This makes for maximum efficiency and minimum errors. The best route planning software enable you to: 

  1. Efficiently use your time
  2. Make changes on the go
  3. Improve productivity
  4. Manage resources

The first rule to running an enterprise is to manage your available resources. A well-designed route planning software can ensure that you don’t go beyond the required number of sales reps and delivery vehicles for your business. 

  • Employee satisfaction

Putting too much on an insufficient workforce breeds resentment towards your brand. Route management software effectively distributes store locations among your sales reps for fairness and efficiency. On the contrary, manual or lack of route planning will inevitably result in missed opportunities, burnouts, and other issues. 

  • Sustainability

The best brands look to the future and this includes our planet. The better your route is optimised, the less your fuel consumption, the less your carbon footprint, and the more you are contributing to a safer and healthier planet. 

Top Route Optimisation Software for Brands

1. BeatRoute

BeatRoute is a sales force automation platform that goes well beyond automation and tracking by introducing a collaborative system where brands and their channel partners work in tandem towards transparent, well-defined goals. It provides an excellent route planning software for a number of industries where it makes sales reps more efficient with actionable data on which stores to visit. The data could be business potential, precise GPS location, outlet type, etc. Brands can look at cost-estimation, and have the flexibility to use existing data or generate new data for route optimisation purposes. 

BeatRoute allows brands to gather customer data accurately, geo-tag them, and use this same data to evaluate how profitable a new territory or store could be. Optimised beat plans also mean less fuel expenditure and reduced travel time; this gets sales reps to spend more time at a store for relationship building and sales. 

BeatRoute also assists in preventing resource wastage leading to low ROI, such as deploying excessive sales reps in areas where you don’t need to. On the other hand, you can also increase resources in territories that call for it. Visit plans with BeatRoute can be daily, weekly and monthly, based on the brand’s preference.

BeatRoute’s route planning is two-pronged; its route optimisation software generates data-backed beat plans for field sales teams while its CuesBot module enforces sales managers with actionable insights that determine prevalent store problems requiring manager visits. 


  • Highly scalable to meet any requirement
  • Highly modular for cost savings
  • Highly configurable for greater efficiency
  • Highly secure with enterprise-grade security
  • Highly adaptable with offline data sync capability

Best suited for: FMCG, consumer goods, building-materials, and manufacturing

Pros: Modular, scalable, dedicated customer support, works offline in zero internet areas

Cons: Not suitable for inside sales, not for ecommerce brands

Founded: 2014

Free trial or demo: Free demo

2. Badger

Badger claims that brands increase sales by 20-25% with Badger Maps. Sales reps are able to set their daily priorities in minutes and filter out prospects as per schedule and location. Badger also allows for in-time follow-ups to ensure brands are in control of their sales pipeline. Additional features include – check-in, notes, and setting up the next follow-up date.  

Badger also has data specialists to set up your data and the ability to locate drop-in customers nearby after a cancellation. Sales reps can search for and find leads with keywords such as operational hours and phone number. They always have a clear picture about their schedule and can make immediate, real-time changes.


  • Route optimisation
  • Filtering for cross sell and up sell
  • Custom check-in reports
  • Easy lead detection
  • 100% encrypted

Best suited for: Apparel, technology, manufacturing

Pros:  Live traffic, multiple mapping software support, follow-up reminders, CRM support

Cons: Steep learning curve for some, one filter can be applied at a time, no team management feature

Founded: 2012

Free trial or demo: Both

3. SalesRabbit

SalesRabbit provides a route planner to help field agents plan their day, cover more ground, and ultimately bring down travel expenses. It’s great for brands who are losing money because their sales reps are unable to close the optimal amount of deals per day. Best used with Salesrabbit’s lead tracking software, this is a powerful tool that can support strategic profiling of potential customers.

Lead filtering helps in prioritising leads that consequently presents the best optimised route based on designated areas and appointments.


  • Sales territory mapping
  • Lead generation
  • Lead management
  • Gamification

Best suited for: Real estate, solar, home security, pest control

Pros: Easy-to-use interface, real-time and easy monitoring of sales rep activities, customer details are readily available to sales reps before they visit a store

Cons: Limited integration capabilities, limited filter and reporting options

Founded: 2013

Free trial or demo: Free demo

4. Onfleet

Onfleet allows you to create travel routes that are optimised for time, location, capacity and traffic. Drivers get real-time updates about changes to their routes. Onfleet is designed for easy integration to a brand’s existing software, making it easy to execute a delivery operation. 

Onfleet provides the ability to import files in CSV or Excel format or the use of Zapier to connect to third-party applications like Google Sheets without writing any code! For best results, brands should integrate with Onfleet’s API that is completely developer friendly.


  • Real-time data
  • Proof of delivery
  • Driver chat
  • Predictive ETAs
  • Real-time tracking
  • Automatic status updates
  • Key metrics monitoring
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Easy integration

Best suited for: Retail, apparel

Pros: Real-time features, user-friendly

Cons: Limited to no offline capabilities, integration may not be seamless

Founded: 2015

Free trial or demo: Free trial

5. Route XL

RouteXL enables you with the capability to plan multi-stop routes for deliveries, pickup services and more with the help of a smart algorithm that minimises route duration. This contributes to immense savings on fuel and time in the long run and also inadvertently leads to less greenhouse emissions. The route is instantly calculated as soon as you enter your departure location and other stops to the map; you can also import locations from spreadsheets or emails with simple copying and pasting.

Apart from viewing the route on device screens, drivers or field agents can also take a printout of it or export it to satellite navigation devices or related applications.


  • Multiple stops supported
  • Routes can be printed out
  • Routes can be emailed, exported to satellite navigation devices or shared on social media
  • Manual route reordering

Best suited for: Logistics, transportation

Pros: Smart algorithm to minimise duration of route, can add multiple stops and locations

Cons: No free trial, may not be user-friendly

Founded: 2009

Free trial or demo: No

6. Speedy Route

Speedy Route sets up the most optimised route by reordering the locations you enter for delivery drivers, sales reps, etc. It always advocates for the fastest and shortest route while providing directions between stops. The route planning can be done for a single or a fleet of vehicles and the software is capable of checking if the optimised route can be achieved with fewer vehicles. Speedy Route has a location limit of 500 for its routes although this may go up in the future.


  • Mileage monitoring
  • Routing & scheduling
  • Fuel management
  • Computer support for dispatch

Best suited for: Delivery, various industries requiring route planning services

Pros: Automatic route optimisation, timeboxing of locations, drag & drop function, multiple locations may be imported

Cons: Limited stops, expensive for some

Founded: 2013

Free trial or demo: No

7. Routific

Routific brings effective route optimisation and 5-star delivery experience together on one platform, making route planning profitable, Routific claims, about 40% shorter than when planned manually. Users are given the ability of driver tracking in real time and can also receive proof of successful delivery in the form of photographs. 

Routific’s ETAs are supported by machine learning with the software incorporating historical data such as traffic, tunnels, and highways to produce the best route for drivers. Brands can take advantage of Routific’s API integration feature for order fulfilment and your customers will be made privy to the order status via SMS and emails.


  • Import customers
  • Route adjustment
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Delivery proof
  • Updating customers
  • Analytics
  • Link for delivery tracking

Best suited for: Beverages, florists, home deliveries

Pros: User-friendly

Cons: Customer notification maybe highly priced for some

Founded: 2012

Free trial or demo: Free trial

8. TruckRouter

TruckRouter is a free online Truck Routing & Mileage Software that calculates state mileage, toll expenses and truck warnings while creating an optimised route for drivers.


  • Optimised routes for trucks
  • Trip cost calculator
  • Preferential routing 
  • Hazmat compliance
  • Directions
  • IFTA reports
  • Trip report in XML

Best suited for: Delivery and transportation

Pros: Free registration

Cons: N/A

Founded: N/A

Free trial or demo: No

9. My Route Online

With My Route Online, you can map multiple locations, plan visits and get efficient routes for your purposes. Best utilised by PC, tablet, or iPad users, the route can also be exported to Android or iPhone. Delivery solutions are also generated to help brands enhance their bottom lines by reducing planning time, fuel cost, and on-road duration.


  • Reload and update routes
  • Import contacts from Excel, Text, CSV
  • Plan up to 1000 addresses every trip
  • Evaluate routes and manually arrange stops
  • Assign territories to balance workload
  • Save as many routes as you need to
  • Send routes via email
  • Track your driver’s delivery drops

Best suited for: Delivery, distribution, FMCG (sales reps)

Pros: User friendly, customer services

Cons: Possible toll management issues

Founded: 2009

Free trial or demo: No

10. Route4Me

Route4Me makes customer visits easier and more frequent by saving time on planning manual routing. Route4Me claims that its users have successfully reduced their route planning time per day to under 10 minutes a day with also a 35% reduction in daily on-road time. Their built-in GPS navigation system helps brands with both an effective fleet-routing solution and sales route planning. Every on-road activity is tracked and captured for strategic use.


  • Know where your drivers are or were in the course of their day
  • Access the routes on smart devices, anywhere
  • Easily integrate with maps, GPS-tracking, and other mobile apps

Best suited for: Pharmaceutical, delivery, print media

Pros: Ease of use

Cons: Routing accuracy may need an overhaul (as per some users)

Founded: 2009

Free trial or demo: Free trial

11. SimpliRoute

SimpliRoute provides route optimization services that considers factors such as time, load limits, available schedules, and territorial restrictions for highly efficient routing. SimpliRoute allows for real-time tracking of drivers and vehicles, from stops to whether deliveries are on track. Brands can also communicate with their customers to keep them apprised and satisfied about deliveries through WhatsApp, SMS or emails. This means that customers are given the capability to live track their deliveries and report any issues in time. 


  • Optimised delivery routes
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Proof of delivery
  • Online tracking by customers
  • Data-driven decisions

Best suited for: Logistics, retail, CPG

Pros: Good customer support, user friendly

Cons: Some reported communication issues

Founded: 2014

Free trial or demo: Free trial

12. Mappr

Mappr by Jungleworks provides a vast directory of APIs and SDKs beyond maps, customised routes, location, live tracking, and predictive ETA. Brands get to choose routes that are to be optimised on priority and assign them to field agents based on availability and location. Mappr also has useful API and excellent algorithms to route vehicles and provides users the capability to create a single task for a single pickup and multiple drop-offs. Mappr also considers busy traffic while route optimisation and has the feature of adding intuitive turn-by-turn navigation by writing a few lines of code.


  • Dynamic routing
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Analytics
  • Route sharing with one click
  • Integration via API

Best suited for: Pharmacy, food and beverage, delivery

Pros: Performance metrics, GPS

Cons: Lack of real-time monitoring, fuel tracking, and SMS messaging

Founded: N/A

Free trial or demo: Both

13. Google Maps

Google Maps boosts a brand’s business capabilities with updated traffic information for current trips and predicts future travels by utilising historical data on time of day and daily traffic. Google Maps is responsible for generating detailed and reliable routes for users in over 200 countries and territories. Users have the option for 2-wheeled vehicle routes, visibility on traffic data on a real-time basis along segments of a route, and toll calculation for accurate route cost analysis. 

Google Maps helps with:

  • ETA accuracy by differentiating between a pass-through waypoint or a stop
  • Less latency by optimising routes for traffic, data fields returned, etc.
  • Fuel efficiency and use estimates based on engine type and live traffic
  • A more sustainable future with reduced emissions


  • Real-time tracking
  • Global routing
  • Estimates fuel efficiency
  • More ETA accuracy
  • More flexible routing

Best suited for: Real estate, financial services, transportation, retail

Pros: Accurate, real-time, user-friendly

Cons: Limited offline usability, potentially outdated data on locations

Founded: 2005

Free trial or demo: No

14. Upper

Upper is a route mapping software that serves businesses of any size to simplify complicated processes with effective logistical and customer experiences. Primarily for delivery businesses that are suffering from inefficient delivery routes, Upper is an antithesis of manual work such as using spreadsheets and saves time and effort.


  • Generates the shortest routes possible
  • Least cost per delivery
  • Saves on fuel costs with efficient routes
  • Allows extra stops with simple file imports
  • Takes into account on-road obstacles

Best suited for: Delivery, field services (maintenance, repairs, etc.)

Pros: User-friendly, customer support

Cons: May have some limitations regarding modifying already planned routes (user reported)

Founded: 2019

Free trial or demo: Both

15. Circuit

Circuit creates routes that bypass traffic and efficiently lead to destinations, perfect for delivery drivers. Meet your daily targets efficiently and optimise last-mile delivery with the Circuit route management software, saving both time and money.


  • Delivery tracking
  • Driver ETA
  • GPS
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Delivery proof
  • Alerts 

Best suited for: Delivery and logistics

Pros: Great customer service

Cons: Some navigational issues reported by users

Founded: 2017

Free trial or demo: Free trial

16. Geopointe

Geopointe has the ability to plan your routes on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis which is excellent for regular store or other visits. This tool enhances productivity by reducing travel time. Once you set your preferred travel preferences, Geopointe will automatically schedule the most optimised route plan for you. Handle expansive territories making certain that while the best-performing or largest accounts are prioritised, smaller accounts aren’t missed out on.


  • Actionable data and visualisation
  • Shape editor
  • Calendar-based editing
  • Routing and optimisation
  • Heat mapping
  • Demographic layers
  • Check in and check out
  • Filtering
  • Exporting

Best suited for: Healthcare, manufacturing, financial services

Pros: Easy data visualisation, easy territory management

Cons: May lack intricate filtering capabilities, not standalone, may have a learning curve

Founded: 2006

Free trial or demo: Free demo

Summing It Up…

And there you have it – a comprehensive list of the best route management software available. Logistics, route optimisation, and vehicle tracking today are no more about manual work or just simple automation but require an enterprise-level SaaS solution that can keep up with rapidly-changing needs. A zero code, highly scalable, and all-in-one solution with an emphasis on operational efficiency is where the future lies. 

Resource management, visibility, and an often overlooked carbon footprint reduction are hallmarks of great route planning; you need something that’s efficient, intuitive, user friendly, and economical. 
We hope this list helps you make the right choice. And while you decide, check out BeatRoute’s free demo for perspective!

About the Author

Soham Chakraborty

Soham Chakraborty

Apart from being a Senior Content Writer at BeatRoute, Soham is an avid reader of science fiction and suspense novels (Doyle, Christie, Brown or anybody great!) He also dabbles in historical narratives and wonders about our place in the universe. Cosmic viewpoints, Carl Sagan, and Neil deGrasse Tyson intrigues him. When not reading, you may find him spending his weekends or after-work hours watching a fulfilling movie with his family. He also loves travelling to the hills and being inspired like no city ever could. But more than anything, his greatest dream is publishing his own novel someday!

About the Author

Soham Chakraborty

Soham Chakraborty

Apart from being a Senior Content Writer at BeatRoute, Soham is an avid reader of science fiction and suspense novels (Doyle, Christie, Brown or anybody great!) He also dabbles in historical narratives and wonders about our place in the universe. Cosmic viewpoints, Carl Sagan, and Neil deGrasse Tyson intrigues him. When not reading, you may find him spending his weekends or after-work hours watching a fulfilling movie with his family. He also loves travelling to the hills and being inspired like no city ever could. But more than anything, his greatest dream is publishing his own novel someday!

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