• Let your field team gather profile data of Customers and Influencers

    • Profile your customers, influencers, and retail points better with a wide range of attributes, including custom fields
    • Enrich profile data with Social profile and credit score
    • Capture multiple pictures, documents, and scans
    • Smart GPS location capturing, and map views
  • Run the world’s fastest and safest KYC Identity Verification

    • Profile picture capturing with originality detection
    • OTP based verification for authenticity
    • Document capturing with OCR for identify documents
    • Auto-verification APIs for fraud proofing documents
    • Masking and Encryption to keep you compliance ready
  • 100% Accurate Customer Data Even with Millions of customers

    • Proprietary de-duplication algorithm to remove duplicates
    • Real time checks to avoid duplicates and invalid inputs
    • Approval workflows to ensure data sanctity
    • AI-powered auto-locking to preserve geocodes sanctity
  • Connect with Tools you already use

    • Use our zapier integration to connect with 100s of CRMs, Marketing Automation tools, and Business Intelligence tools.
    • Build your own application extensions using our APIs
    • Use APIs to connect with your analytics and applications

Run the happiest and most efficient sales team on the foundation of world’s most Loved Field Force Platform

  • Offline and Poor Internet Support
  • Team Performance Score Cards
  • Alerts & Notification Centre
  • Connect with any of your apps with our APIs

What’s unique about BeatRoute

It’s the most loved field force app around. We come with a mindset that we serve everybody well, if we kept the field user in our mind. Everything that we do offline capability, anticipatory data fetches, proprietary data compression, streaming of images is to make sure it works for our customer in the field.


  • It helped us profile our retail outlets with a high degree of accuracy leading to optimized service routes.
    Suhail Ghai Pepsico Pepsico
  • Used across India with or without network coverage, the offline capability works pretty fine
    Arpita Das AVP-IT & CIO, Valvoline Cummins Valvoline

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