Award-Winning Field Sales Management Software to Supercharge your Sales Teams

World’s only field sales application with Goal-Driven Sales Approach, that goes beyond just automation, and focuses on delivering your business goals through your sales reps, field sales managers, merchandisers & account executives.


Everything you need to run your field sales operations at highest efficiency

We understand that every industry has specific needs and generic field sales capabilities do not meet the requirement. You need exclusive industry-specific workflows that can be designed, configured and adapted within a few days because we want you to start reaping benefits from BeatRoute.

Customer Profiling

Run in-field customer information gathering, identity verification, data hygiene, and auto profile enrichment.

GPS Tracking & Beat Planning

Don’t just track sales reps with the mobile Field Sales App. Create efficient beat plans and data-driven ad-hoc plans.

Order Taking App

AI-Enabled Order Suggestion for Sales Reps on Android/iOS App & Retailers/Customers on WhatsApp BOT

Route Optimization Software

Orbit Optimization algorithm to optimize routes and beat plans. Assess the viability of new territories, with travel cost estimations

Promoter, Beauty Adviser & Merchandiser App

Run product promoter, beauty adviser and merchandiser programs holistically from ensuring their presence in-store to  sales execution processes

Visual Merchandising Software

On site AI driven auditing and rating of visual merchandising execution quality

Field Sales CRM

Run unique combination of zero-drop lead management with field visit tracking

Van Sales Automation Software

Supervise, track & manage your van sales for greater on the go sales output 

Loyalty Management Software

Run trade loyalty program designed to foster loyalty among customers, dealers and channel partners

Goal-Driven Field Sales Application for an Impactful Sales Team Transformation

Achieve your business goals in four simple steps with BeatRoute’s Goal-Driven sales approach. Gear your Company towards sales success by setting up goals & targets, aligning your field force to your GTM strategy, identifying and digitally coaching low performers and get to the actual problem with our unique Cues BOT.

BeatRoute Field Sales SFA App

Define Sales Goals through Scorecard KPIs

Breakdown company’s larger goals into individual goals with more than 20+ Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and target Behavioural Indicators (KBI’s) for field sales reps and field sales team such as interaction norm, range selling, merchandising execution etc through our field sales mobile app

Use output KPIs to define goals related to direct & indirect channel sales.

Use Input KPIs to set goals relating to selling behavior in the market such as schedule adherence, SOP adherence, order mix etc.

Set goals at individual as well as at team & territory levels.

You can use either goals readily available through our KPI repository or set your own custom KPIs as per your business objectives.

Improve Sales Behaviour through Input Based Gamification

Align your field sales team towards the set goals with our input based gamification. In entire field sales process, field sales reps can behave differently on the basis of their skills, personalities and attitude irrespective of their territory. Set up a closed-loop feedback system with running leaderboard and pear benchmarking on your mobile devices. Reward good behaviour, sales performance and input activities with social recognition and medals.

Reward points to sales reps on contributing towards their sales output goals.

Reward points for showcasing the ideal sales behavior in the market. Everytime your sales team performs their input activities well, they get reward points.

Allow your sales reps to share their rankings & medals on social media in a click of a button.

Use gamification data to reward best performers with internal appraisals and/or incentives.

Gamification Field Sales App BeatRoute
BeatRoute Field Sales App Learning and Demonstration

Upskill teams with Targeted Digital Training Programs

Field sales mobile app that lets you identify and bridge the skills gap in the sales team through learning modules on the same platform. Identify learning needs and narrow down the training session to individual sales rep according to their sales performance.  

Let data inform you which sales rep needs training for which specific skill.

No need to call everyone to office for training sessions and lose productivity. Run digital training programs on the field sales mobile app.

Once you know the skill gaps of everyone, you can train them only for the missing skills. No need to train everyone for everything.

Quickly Detect & Solve Sales Execution Challenges to Help Sales Managers

Innovative CuesBOT to detect problems in your go-to-market operations without manual analytics. This field sales management software on mobile app nudges area managers and prompts corrective action for resolving the issues. It also helps you optimize market coverage strategy further based on Cues received from CuesBOT. 

Sales managers in the field either do not have time or the skills to do in-depth analysis of execution challenges. CuesBOT solves this issue by analyzing the data on its own. No need to use dashboards or charts in the field.


  1. Your sales are going down at these stores.
  2. These 7 sales reps are not able to cross-sell during visits.

Pointing to the challenge is not enough. CuesBOT also guides the managers towards the underlying causes for swift corrective action.

Decide your own Cues, whether you want CuesBOT to analyze sales reps related challenges, product related challenges, customers related challenges or something else as per your business goals.

BeatRoute Field Sales App Analytics

Why BeatRoute?

Each industry has specific needs which can not be met by generic field sales applications. We have designed industry specific workflows that you can pick, configure and adapt within a few days and start reaping full benefits from BeatRoute.

Highly Modular SFA Software

Highly Modular

You don’t have to buy the whole platform. Customers can choose one or more components to rollout and see the results first.

Scalable FMCG Order Taking App

Scalable Design

Scalable, zero-code platform that allows for a high degree of configuration without requiring time & capital investments.

Secure Field Sales Distribution Software


Rest easy with Enterprise-Grade security and compliance standards. Your data is yours to command.

Sales Force Tracking App

Works Offline

Designed for poor and no connectivity areas. Sales teams can keep working as usual in no network areas, data syncs up when they come online.

Mobile sales tracking app

Customer Success and Support

Dedicated customer success & support that handholds you to achieve your business goals consistently.

Mobile SFA Software

200+ Integrations

Use BeatRoute Matrix to create custom automations or exchange data with SAP, Oracle, SFDC, PowerBI, HRMS or any other system.

Customer Testimonials

We seek success in making our customers successful. Companies utilizing BeatRoute field sales application report direct, measurable, highly positive impact on their key business KPIs.



Lower Cost of Field Sales Operations

“BeatRoute has enabled us to increase our market coverage by 15%, while reducing the cost of field sales operations by 10% at the same time. “

Mayak Pandey,
Perfetti Van Melle

field sales crm beatroute



Higher Revenue Per Retail Store

“BeatRoute has helped us improve our revenue per outlet by 30% & sales per executive by 40%, through Goal-Driven Sales Approach, performance benchmarking & creation of better market coverage strategy.”

Tiffany Ngkaion,
Davies Paints

field sales crm beatroute



Higher Sales Productivity

“We have witnessed 50% higher sales productivity with BeatRoute’s Goal-Driven Sales Approach.”

Rahul Jha,
Cosmic Nutracos

field sales crm beatroute