Increase your Revenue per Retailer with Our Loyalty Management Software

Maximise retailer retention, engagement and revenue with an ideal loyalty management software to build strong relationships with your retailers, wholesalers, dealers and channel partners.


Amplify Repeat Sales with Retailer Loyalty Program

Our tailored Retailer Reward Program directly benefits your clients by observing their buying pattern. Our loyalty management system gives end to end service for loyalty rewards, instant gratification, scalability, reward choices and easy redemption method.

Build a Loyal Retailer Base

Increase the share of purchase basket among retailers which is a stronghold of your business. 

Transparent Loyalty Points System

Get the clear visibility of the points the retailer gain and where can they use it.

Scheme Communication

Don’t miss to tell about your latest rewards schemes and offers to your loyal clients. 

Coupon Inventory Management

Manage the coupon reward and redemption data centrally to customize your program. 

Easy Redemption Methods

The retailers can view the accumulated points and redeem in simple steps. 

Easy to Use Interface

An option to engage the retailers through Whatsapp and viber for better customer experience.

Boost Brand Connect with Retailers, Dealers and Distributors

Gear up your marketing strategy with the most effective retailer retention formula through our retailer reward program. Increase the brand engagement, customize attractive coupons and discounts and provide reliable customer support for the redemption process.

customer retention- loyalty program

Highten Brand Engagement to Maximize Retailer Retention

Engage your retailers regularly in multiple dimensions involving different actions and customize the program for their needs.

Grow the Revenue per Retailer with Increase in Repeat Sales

Preserve the margin of your business and switch one time discount program to repeat buyers with this innovative loyalty management software.

Retail Marketing in FMCG Industry

Global Catalog of Redeemable Items

Enable your retailers to redeem their loyalty points for a wide catalog in various categories. 

Why BeatRoute?

Each industry has specific needs which can not be met by generic field sales capabilities. We have designed industry specific workflows that you can pick, configure and adapt within a few days and start reaping full benefits from BeatRoute.

Highly Modular SFA Software

Highly Modular

You don’t have to buy the whole platform. Customers can choose one or more components to rollout and see the results first.

Scalable FMCG Order Taking App

Scalable Design

Scalable, zero-code platform that allows for a high degree of configuration without requiring time & capital investments.

Secure Field Sales Distribution Software


Rest easy with Enterprise-Grade security and compliance standards. Your data is yours to command.

Sales Force Tracking App

Works Offline

Designed for poor and no connectivity areas. Sales teams can keep working as usual in no network areas, data syncs up when they come online.

Mobile sales tracking app

Customer Success and Support

Dedicated customer success & support that handholds you to achieve your business goals consistently.

Mobile SFA Software

200+ Integrations

Use BeatRoute Matrix to create custom automations or exchange data with SAP, Oracle, SFDC, PowerBI, HRMS or any other system.

Customer Testimonials

We seek success in making our customers successful. Companies utilizing BeatRoute report direct, measurable, highly positive impact on their key business KPIs.



Lower Cost of Field Sales Operations

“BeatRoute’s Route Optimization Software has enabled us to increase our market coverage by 15%, while reducing the cost of field sales operations by 10% at the same time. “

Mayak Pandey,
Perfetti Van Melle

field sales crm beatroute



Higher Revenue Per Retail Store

“BeatRoute has helped us improve our revenue per outlet by 30% & sales per executive by 40%, through Goal-Driven Sales Approach, performance benchmarking & creation of better market coverage strategy.”

Tiffany Ngkaion,
Davies Paints

field sales crm beatroute



Higher Sales Productivity

“We have witnessed 50% higher sales productivity with BeatRoute’s Goal-Driven Sales Approach.”

Rahul Jha,
Cosmic Nutracos

field sales crm beatroute