Achieve Your Retail Sales & Distribution Goals

Transform your Route-to-Market with BeatRoute’s enterprise SaaS platform, uniquely designed to help retail brands in the FMCG, Consumer Goods and Manufacturing Industries achieve their field sales and distribution goals.


Use Powerful Workflows, Designed For Your Industry

We understand that every industry has specific needs and generic field sales capabilities do not meet the requirement. You need exclusive industry-specific workflows that can be designed, configured and adapted within a few days because we want you to start reaping benefits from BeatRoute.

FMCG Industry

Get higher sales across General Trade, Modern Trade, B2B and HoReCa channels using quick-to-deploy configurable workflows.

Consumer Goods Industry

Get higher sales and merchandising returns by bringing your dealers, distributors, and retailers on a single platform.

Building Materials Industry

Build stronger relationships with your dealers through improved sales execution and dealer-distributor digitization.

Auto, Tires & Lube Oil Industry

Improve sales outcome in the aftermarket channel by enabling your sales reps, distributors, workshops and mechanics

Manufacturing Industry

Improve dealer relationships by enabling them through B2B eCommerce, loyalty programs and dealer education.

Cosmetics Industry

Empower your sales reps, beauty advisors, salon owners and get better sales outcomes in the retail and salon channels.

Liquor Industry

Improve sales outcome in the retail and restaurant/bar channels by improving availability, visibility and lead conversion.

Pharma Industry

Get higher sales for OTC & prescription products by empowering your sales reps and medical reps with easy to use workflows. 

BFSI Industry

Get higher sales across Direct, Partner, Agents, Banca Channels. Maximize lead conversions & manage relationships.

BeatRoute is the world's only Goal-Driven Sales Enablement Platform for Retail Businesses

Whether you are in the FMCG industry, the Consumer Goods industry or the Manufacturing industry, our platform does far more than simply digitalising your sales and distribution operations. It helps you achieve your business goals on ground and fosters deep collaboration between your Field Sales Teams, Distributors, Customers and Channel Influencers to maximize sales output.

Field Sales App (CRM SFA Software)

Enable Your Field Sales Teams

Our technology is designed to upgrade your sales operations and make your field agents more effective. Automation & digitisation is not enough; you need Goal-Driven Sales Technology that encourages, enhances, and energizes your sales representatives across the sales hierarchy.

Distribution Management Software (DMS)

Digitize and Empower Your Distributors

A uniquely designed and highly scalable DMS is necessary to power your channel partner and distributor engagement. Our solution helps you manage inventory and purchase, the transparency of secondary sales execution, and other elements of the distributor ecosystem.

Customer App for Dealers & Retailers

Enable Your Retailers, Dealers & B2B Customers

We help you connect directly with B2B customers, foster loyalty towards your brand and push a broader range of products in the market. Experience the new-age sales digitisation of your distribution network with our Customer App, accompanied by our social media chatbot.

B2B Influencer App

Generate More Sales from Painters, Electricians, and other Tradesmen

Use our Influencer App to run a fully digital loyalty program for your trade influencers, educate them on new product launches, capture demand through them and improve ROI from community meets.

Why BeatRoute

BeatRoute is an enterprise SaaS solution that’s solely focused on your sales goals. We are the ideal platform for you because we aren’t just limited to tracking, analytical or transactional functions but enable holistic sales transformation that helps you successfully execute your business strategy on ground. We promote and drive collaboration at every level of the distribution hierarchy with our Goal-Driven Sales Enablement Platform. 

Modular Platform

You don’t have to buy the whole platform. Just choose one or more components to rollout and expand as you see the results.

Scalable FMCG Order Taking App

Scalable Design

Scalable, zero-code platform that allows for a high degree of configuration without requiring time and capital investments.

Secure Field Sales Distribution Software


Rest easy with enterprise-grade security and compliance standards. Your data is yours to command.

Sales Force Tracking App

Offline Functionality

Designed for poor and no connectivity areas. Sales teams can keep working as usual in no-network areas; data syncs up when they go online.

Mobile sales tracking app

Customer Success & Support

Dedicated customer success and support that handholds you to achieve your business goals consistently.

Easy to Use

Every component of BeatRoute is designed with end users in mind. We are rated 4.2* on Play Store for our ease of use.

Continuously Updated​

We have a long term product roadmap as per which we release one major update every quarter and one minor update every month. 

Mobile SFA Software

300+ Integrations

Use BeatRoute Matrix to create custom automations or exchange data with SAP, Oracle, SFDC, PowerBI, HRMS or any other system.

Integrate with 300+ Programs with BeatRoute Matrix

Connect with your ERP, HRMS, Service Tools, Accounting Tools or any other software that supports API integration.


Here is What Our Customers Say

field sales crm beatroute

Achieved 10% Lower Cost of Field Sales Operations

BeatRoute has enabled us to increase our market coverage by 15%, while reducing the cost of field sales operations by 10% at the same time.

Mayank Pandey

Perfetti Van Melle

Achieved 30% Higher Revenue Per Retail Store

BeatRoute has helped us improve our revenue per outlet by 30% & sales per executive by 40%, through Goal-Driven Sales Approach, performance benchmarking & creation of better market coverage strategy.

Tiffany Ngkaion

Davies Paints

Achieved 50% Higher Sales Productivity

We have witnessed 50% higher sales productivity from our sales reps in our retail channels with BeatRoute’s Goal-Driven Sales Approach.

Rahul Jha

Cosmic Nutracos

Frequently Asked Questions

BeatRoute is the world’s only goal-driven sales enablement platform for retail businesses. Whether you are in the FMCG, Consumer Durables, Manufacturing, Building Materials or Pharma industry, we empower every stakeholder in your sales and distribution network to help your achieve your sales goals.

We are an enterprise SaaS platform, which means that we have monthly and annual subscription plans which scale according to your usage and requirements.

You can view our prices here.

Not necessarily!

You can decide to subscribe either to the entire platform, or pick and choose specific components according to your current needs. You can further modify the subscription on an ongoing basis as your needs evolve.

Our sales team understands your business requirements and objectives in detail and provides you a live working demo of every component of the platform that addresses your needs. We explain the pricing, demonstrate platform capabilities in real-time and answer all your queries.