World's Only Goal-Driven Sales Force Automation Platform for FMCG Brands

BeatRoute is the only distribution and sales force automation software that lets you define your business goals within the system and nudge your sales team, distributors and retailers towards achieving those goals.


Empower Your Sales Teams, Distributors and Retailers

Everyone involved in your Route-to-Market can be enabled through BeatRoute​. Foster deep collaboration among all stakeholders, streamlining processes, enhancing communication, and harnessing data-driven insights to achieve your business goals.

SFA (Field Sales) App

Align your sales teams with your business goals, increase their productivity by solving process challenges, and improve selling behaviour.


Encourage digital trade with your distributors, and collaborate with them to improve secondary sales. Easy invoicing. Efficient reporting and more.

Retailer/Customer App

Build stronger relationships with your retailers, enable them to place orders with you online, run loyalty programs and multimedia campaigns.

Empower Everyone in Your Route-to-Market

Field Sales Executives

Area Managers


Product Promoter



Achieve Your Sales & Distribution Goals

BeatRoute helps implement business strategies like territory expansion, deeper penetration, trade scheme utilization, sales productivity enhancement, and distribution leakage reduction by turning them into measurable goals for your sales and distribution hierarchy to achieve.

Heighten Territory-Coverage Efficiency

Improve Territory Coverage Efficiency

Use data driven retailer profiling to prevent blind onboarding of retailers and work with stores which are likely to deliver good ROI for your brand. Create optimized routes and visit schedules and improve visit schedule adherence.

Enhance Distribution Efficiency

Collaborate with your channel partners (distributors) to plug leakages, improve fill rate and inventory turnover, and reduce liquidation cost.

Enhance Distribution Efficiency

Improve Footfall Conversion at Stores

Improve visual merchandising ROI with AI-powered audits and ensure desired share of shelf. Reduce lost sales due to stock outages. Improve productivity of product promoters and merchandisers.

Get Higher Returns from Trade Promotions

Set up, target and utilize upselling and cross-selling schemes more effectively during order placement on the sales rep app, and on the retailer app.

Improve Relationship with Your Retailers

Use our Retailer App to execute B2B eCommerce, run multimedia education campaigns about your offers, trade schemes, product launches and run a fully digital reward program to cultivate loyalty.

Works Across Trade Channels

General Trade

Improve ticket sizes, broaden order baskets, improve retailer relationships, and empower sales reps and distributors.

Modern Trade

Improve footfall conversion by ensuring product availability and visibility, share of shelf at the retail stores.


Streamline customer acquisition process and empower your customers with B2B eCommerce.


Use your existing warehouses, distributors and retailers as fulfillment points to serve your own D2C channel.

Ready to Deploy, Intelligent Workflows


Here is What Our Customers Say

field sales crm beatroute

Achieved 10% Lower Cost of Field Sales Operations

BeatRoute has enabled us to increase our market coverage by 15%, while reducing the cost of field sales operations by 10% at the same time.

Mayank Pandey

Perfetti Van Melle

Achieved 30% Higher Revenue Per Retail Store

BeatRoute has helped us improve our revenue per outlet by 30% & sales per executive by 40%, through Goal-Driven Sales Approach, performance benchmarking & creation of better market coverage strategy.

Tiffany Ngkaion

Davies Paints

Achieved 50% Higher Sales Productivity

We have witnessed 50% higher sales productivity from our sales reps in our retail channels with BeatRoute’s Goal-Driven Sales Approach.

Rahul Pandey

Cosmic Nutracos

Frequently Asked Questions

BeatRoute is the world’s only goal-driven sales enablement platform for retail businesses. Whether you are in the FMCG, Consumer Durables, Manufacturing, Building Materials or Pharma industry, we empower every stakeholder in your sales and distribution network to help your achieve your sales goals.

BeatRoute has components for field sales teams, distributors as well as retailers. The Field Sales App component is also referred to as SFA Software, or a Sales Automation Solution in case of FMCG companies.

BeatRoute’s SFA component enables brands to improve the productivity of the sales team, resolve challenges in the field sales execution and enables the team to work collaboratively with the distributors and retailers. Unlike traditional sales force automation solutions, BeatRoute’s SFA software aligns the sales team with the business goals of the company and guides them towards achieving those goals.

We are an enterprise SaaS platform, which means that we have monthly and annual subscription plans which scale according to your usage and requirements.

You can view our prices here.

Not necessarily!

You can decide to subscribe either to the entire platform, or pick and choose specific components according to your current needs. For example, you can only pick the retailer app component if you need, and add-on the sales force automation solution later on. You can further modify the subscription on an ongoing basis as your needs evolve.

Our sales team understands your business requirements and objectives in detail and provides you a live working demo of every component of the platform that addresses your needs. We explain the pricing, demonstrate platform capabilities in real-time and answer all your queries.