• Ensure your troop is there when customers walk-in with our app for promoter

    • Use our app to track sales promoters presence with GPS tagged attendance
    • Appropriate grooming and attendance tracking through selfie and face recognition
    • Sales managers can track the team's presence with leave declaration & in-app notifications
  • Protect your retail merchandising investment by collecting in-store feedback

    • Comprehensive VM setup and reporting framework
    • VM campaigns and Store Guidelines with benchmark pictures
    • Targeting of campaign recipes based on store profile
    • A robust way of providing evidence from the field with high-resolution pics
  • Standardize communication by product promoter with mobile learning and demonstration

    • Setting up multimedia training for in-store promoters
    • Targeting of content by location and role
    • Secure multimedia content delivery
    • Offline viewing of content
  • Create Sales Rigor with Offtake Reporting

    • Offtake reporting with or without customer details
    • Optional barcode scan for specific product categories
    • API for backend authentication of reported offtake
  • Get Instant Stock-out Alerts

    • Report stock-outs
    • Notifications to supervisors
    • Compare stock levels with stock norms

Run the happiest and most efficient sales team on the foundation of world’s most Loved Field Force Platform

  • Offline and Poor Internet Support
  • Team Performance Score Cards
  • Alerts & Notification Centre
  • API Integration with ERP & DMS systems

What’s unique about BeatRoute

It’s the most loved field force app around. We come with a mindset that we serve everybody well,if we kept the field user in our mind. With us you are guaranteed of adoption.

  • We have thousands of product promoters running the BeatRoute app every day. It has scaled up nicely and undoubtedly the most easy-to-use app
    Arvind Vohra Managing Director, Gionee Mobile Phones,India Gioniee

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